Pho Real Noodle Bowls in Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 10, 2017
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While Madison Heights has cornered the market on Vietnamese cuisine, there are plenty of other places in metro Detroit that cater to the pho-loving crowd. What is “pho,” you ask? Pho bowls are a traditional Vietnamese dish typically consisting of rice noodles in a beef broth with steak and beef trimmings. Though, variations on this noodle bowl, like chicken or shrimp bowls, are plentiful, too. Whether you’re looking for a new favorite pho spot or trying pho for the first time, here are five places in metro Detroit worth checking out!

Pho Lucky

With four locations in metro Detroit (Redford, Novi, Southfield and Detroit), Pho Lucky is a popular destination when it comes to the popular noodle dish. With ten different variations on the beef noodle bowl, Pho Lucky delivers a dish that is sure to satisfy taste palates and appetites alike.

Thang Long Thai & Vietnamese Restaurant

The menu at Thang Long in Madison Heights is extensive, probably thanks to the combination of both Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. That quality extends to the pho section of the menu with not only traditional beef pho, but pork/chicken pho, too. Both pork/chicken broth pho bowls are filled with a mix of seafood, but vary in the type of noodles used.

Đà Nẵng

If you’re looking for authentic Vietnamese food in Clawson, check out Đà Nẵng. Voted best Vietnamese restaurant in metro Detroit by Hour Detroit three years in a row, Đà Nẵng has just a few pho bowls on its menu, but each one is carefully prepared by the culinary team. Oh, and for you vegetarian pho lovers, try the pho chay.

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VKitchen in Ann Arbor has history rooted in southern Vietnam, dating back to the 1980s. The success of the Pham and Phung families’ restaurant in southern Vietnam inspired a younger generation in the family to open a fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant in Ann Arbor. With seven different pho bowls (one of which is a customizable, “build your own” bowl), like the shrimp pho and chicken pho, Ann Arborites can satisfy their cravings for delicious Vietnamese noodle soup.

Flowers of Vietnam

The permanent Vietnamese pop-up, located inside Vernor Coney Island in Detroit offers two styles of pho: one for the traditionalist (meatballs, rare beef, tripe, beef shank) and one for the vegetarian (oyster mushrooms, purple yams, beachwood mushrooms, fresh bamboo). Plus, at how many Vietnamese restaurants will you also find Korean-fried chicken wings?