Pita Sandwiches at Delis & Restaurants in the D

By: Amber Ogden | March 18, 2016
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Sandwiches are a lunchtime staple, and with so much variety, one can never get bored. From submarines to panini to wraps to pitas, the options are limitless.

Whether it’s mid-day or dinnertime, you’ll find some of the best pita sandwiches in Metro Detroit at the following delis and restaurants:

Dagwood’s Deli

This Farmington deli is known for its famous Dagwood sandwich, but also has some great pitas to choose from. Try the Smokehouse Pita (with smoked turkey, Havarti cheese, tomato, guacamole and ranch) or Hot Roast Beef Pita (with melted Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, grilled mushrooms, onions and horsey sauce).

Stage Deli

With locations in Troy and West Bloomfield, The Stage Deli has been serving up sandwiches for over 50 years. Tasty pitas include Little Miss Sunshine (packed with chicken, hummus, tomato, cucumber, onion and vinaigrette) and The Zohan (a vegetarian pita sandwich with falafel, hummus, tabouli, tahini, lettuce and pickled turnip).

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Bucharest Grill

Having recently relocated to Jefferson Avenue, this Detroit staple is the place to be for Shawarma. Chicken and Beef Shawarma are top choices, both served on pita, as well as the Bucharest Shawarma, with grilled chicken breast, cabbage, pickles, tomato, fries, garlic and mayo. There’s also a Vegetarian Shawarma, Falafel Wrap and Breakfast Wrap.

Golden Fleece

Gyro pitas are practically an essential food group around here, and you’ll find one of the best at this Greektown restaurant. Additional Greek pita sandwiches include the Chicken Gyro Sandwich and Greek Sausage Sandwich.

If you haven’t quite had your fix of pitas yet, also try: Maya’s Deli of Plymouth (Plymouth), The Pita Café (Oak Park and Birmingham), KouZina (Royal Oak) and The Pita Post (food truck).

Enjoy making your way through metro D’s best pita sandwiches!