Beer & Improv Meet at Pointless Brewery & Theatre

By: Amber Ogden | February 1, 2016
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On New Year’s Eve, most are counting down the seconds until midnight. For Tori and Jason Tomalia, December 31, 2015 was the day they saw their dreams come true with the grand opening of Ann Arbor’s Pointless Brewery & Theatre.

After she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer nearly three years ago, Tori and her husband realized the time to make their brewery and theatre dream a reality was now.

Since opening, business has been booming, with sold out shows left and right:

“I still can’t totally believe this is happening,” Tori said. “To see something that we have talked about for so many years actually happening before our eyes is quite amazing.”

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Improv shows take place on Friday nights at 8 p.m. and on Saturday nights at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the door, and guests can grab concession-style snacks, beer and non-alcoholic beverages at a snack bar inside.

Pointless Brewery & Theatre

(Jason and Tori Tomalia)

Shows run about 90 minutes and include three acts, composed of guest improv groups from southeast Michigan and the house improv team, The League of Pointless Improvisers.

“The shows are primarily long-form improv, which means that the group creates a series of scenes, rather than the short games you might be familiar with from shows like ‘Who’s Line is It Anyway?’” Tomalia said.

Pointless Brewery & Theatre offers an improv curriculum, beginning with intro level classes. The Pointless School of Improv also includes intermediate and advanced classes, with a performance at the end of each semester.

Little Peeps shows are offered every Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m., and this weekend’s family-friendly programming, Little Peeps PlayGround – “Dreams”, includes a performance, activities and crafts.

As for the beer, there are three different brews currently on tap, including A New Year’s Ale (specialty ale), To Resist (dark IPA) and Yes, And (American-style golden ale).

“We have a small, one barrel system so we are constantly brewing new batches and experimenting with new ideas,” Tomalia said.

Coming soon on tap: Pointless Standard (light American ale), Roasty Toasty (oatmeal stout) and Have Your Cake (cherry chocolate oatmeal stout).

“We hope to continue to have great audiences, keep developing more beers, adding more classes and deepen our connection with the community through our Open Stage on Sunday nights, and our Little Peeps programs for children,” Tomalia said of what is yet to come.

For more information, on Pointless Brewery & Theatre, visit the official website or Facebook page.