Pop It Like It’s Hot: Popcorn Shops in Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 29, 2018
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Many people associate popcorn with movie theaters. But, who says you have to be in a movie theater to enjoy the delicious salty, sometimes sweet, always delicious snack? If these Metro Detroit popcorn shops have anything to say about it, popcorn should be enjoyed by everyone, whenever they like, regardless of venue.

Motor City Popcorn


A lineup of different flavors available at Motor City Popcorn, like “The 8 Mile Mix” and “Blazing Motor City Mix.” Photo courtesy of Motor City Popcorn.

Motor City Popcorn was founded by Ronier Golightly when he opened his first retail popcorn location inside of Cobo Center in 2014. Since then, Motor City Popcorn can be found throughout Downtown Detroit, Fairlane Town Center, Royal Oak and more. They cary flavors, like “The Motor City Mix” (cheese & caramel), “The 8 Mile Mix” (white cheddar & caramel), “The Belle Isle Blend” (caramel & green apple) and “Cass Cornrridor Mix” (white chocolate drizzled caramel).

Detroit Popcorn Company

Established in 1923, the Detroit Popcorn Company not only offers a variety of popcorn flavors and other snacks but concession equipment, like deep fryers, hot dog grillers, Sno-Kone makers, nacho equipment and so much more. You can buy or rent the equipment, which is a perfect option for events you may be planning.

The Popped Kernel


The “East Lansing” (green apple & vanilla) and “Ann Arbor” (lemon & blueberry) mixes from The Popped Kernel. Photo courtesy of The Popped Kernel.

Sold at retail locations across the lower and upper peninsulas, The Popped Kernel carries an eclectic variety of traditional popcorn favorites, like “Classic Caramel” and “Classic Cheddar.” More interestingly, they also offer some “unique” flavors, like the “Ann Arbor Mix” (lemon and blueberry popcorn), beer-flavored popcorn and grape-flavored popcorn.

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This St. Clair Shores store offers all kinds of sweet treats, but we’re here for the delicious popcorn. Try “Caramel Churro,” peach-flavored or sriracha-flavored popcorn here. Bouncing back from a sickness taking its toll on the owner of Pop’s, the store will remain open into next year and beyond!


“Sweet as a Peach” popcorn from Pop’s in St. Clair Shores. Photo courtesy of Pop’s.

Popcorn Paradise

In Marine City, you’ll find Popcorn Paradise, which carries more than 30 flavors of popcorn. Some of those flavors include “Birthday Cake,” “Cherry Soda,” “Salt & Vinegar,” “Spicy Hot Barbecue” and “Cookies & Cream.” You can order the popcorn in a variety of portion sizes and there is a 16-flavor sample pack…you know, just in case you can’t decide.

Kettle Corn of Michigan

While established as and still named Kettle Corn of Michigan, it’s name is a little misleading. This shop switched from producing kettle corn in a variety of flavors to using European sweet corn instead. The taste of the two popcorn varieties is similar, but the latter is a lot lighter. You still get the sweet taste of kettle corn and they still make it in a variety of flavors, like maple caramel, double cheese & garlic, jalapeno & cheese and more.