Puff Up the Volume with Puffy Tacos at these 3 Local Restaurants

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 12, 2016
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The puffy taco: a modern marvel in taco design. The traditional, flat taco shell will become something of the past when you take a bite of your first puffy taco.

What’s a puffy taco, you ask? Well, I’ve never heard such a ridiculous question, but allow me to enlighten you.

Ingredients coalesce together and combine at a high degree of temperature to form a taco shell that balks at its flat-faced siblings, puffs up its chest and towers over its family.

Where can you find this modern marvel? Allow me to enlighten you once more.

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El Charro

Known as the “Home of the Puffy Taco,” it’s no secret the puffy taco is a staple of the El Charro menu. El Charro is a Michigan-based restaurant through and through, having built its first location in Fraser in 1971, which then relocated to another Fraser location twice its original size. Since then, El Charro has opened three other locations in St. Clair Shores, Macomb and Troy. To this day, The Martin Family continues to operate El Charro, serving piping hot puffy tacos filled with your choice of filling and toppings. Did we mention El Charro has a food truck? The 22-foot truck will be visiting locations all around the metro Detroit area. Click here to check out a full schedule of where it will be stopping and when.

Taco Loco

Located in Shelby Township, where it has called home for the past 17 years, Taco Loco was started by Noe Ramiro Baiz, who set out to create a restaurant that served fresh, authentic home-cooked Mexican cuisine. As for their puffy tacos, you have your choice of ground beef, beans or chicken with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese on top. Each order of puffy tacos comes with two tacos and is served with homemade rice and beans.

Hot Tamales Cantina

Hot Tamales Cantina offers a mix of Mexican and American cuisine by providing not only great choices like enchiladas, quesadillas, chimichangas, flautas and more, but also plenty of burgers and sandwiches, as well as options for kids. But, you’re here for that delicious puffy taco. The Hinchada Puffy Taco comes with ground beef, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes. Substituting shredded beef/chicken or shrimp for the ground beef is also an option.