Put Your Green Thumb to Work this National Garden Week!

By: Karen Dybis | June 6, 2018
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With the summer months officially among us, it’s time to put your green thumb to use. The first week of June is National Garden Week, so get your planter pots and gardening tools ready to make the week a green one. What can one do for garden week?  Glad you asked, because there is plenty to do. You can attend a workshop at your local library or garden center. Plan a garden tour.  Attend a garden party, everyone loves a good party. This is the perfect way to get to know your neighbors as you can even join your neighborhood group (or create one) in a blighted area or plant a community garden.  This would be a good opportunity to get children involved by allowing them to create their own garden. There are so many ways to celebrate national garden week in the Metro Detroit Area and here are 5 fun ways to do it.

Create a Community Garden

A great way to celebrate National Garden Week is to create a community garden. This will add  beauty to the community and it grabs people’s attention in a positive way. Flowers make people happy and community gardens provide much needed green space in all kinds of  neighborhoods. It can even serve as a food source in your neighborhood! If starting and maintaining a community garden is too much to start on your own; why not lend a hand to a local community garden such as Keep Growing Detroit. They even teach gardening basics.

Plant New Flowers this season

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Get away from the traditional annual flowers and liven up the garden with new flowers such as sunflowers that can grown up to 12 feet! Or, be daring and add some wild snapdragons. The beautiful bright colors attracts bumblebees and honey bees alike that are needed to pollinate your garden to create new flowers. Visit Fresh Cut flower farm or pot + box for your flower needs in the area.

Put a Bird Feeder in Garden

Some of the benefits of  having birds around are that they eat the pesky bugs that interfere with the progress of your garden. With it being early summer, the bugs are out in full force and birds eat the grubs and grasshoppers that can ruin your garden. So, why not return the favor by putting out a nice birdbath and feeder so they can wash, eat and hide when necessary. Stop by Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods to pick up a the best bird feeder for your garden.

Attend a Garden Party

Who doesn’t love a good party? Throw a garden party or just attend one! If you have a garden or outdoor space, invite your friends and neighbors over. You can have guests bring flowers or send flowers as party favors to guests as they leave. You can even gather your friends and get dressed up to attend a garden party such as the 10th Annual Garden Party Southeast Michigan. It’s the perfect way to celebrate National Garden Week.

Get Family Involved
Get the family together and participate in a garden activity in your local park or join a garden day in your area Get the children involved and have them make their own personal garden such as the Annual Build-your-own Fairy Garden. The kiddo’s can even make flower and leaf collages and get creative with the finger paints.