Ramen Rendezvous: Metro Detroit’s Top Noodle Spots

By: Carolyn Hall | December 20, 2023
picking soy sauce ramen with chopsticks

Ramen is loved by many, and I’m not just talking about the microwavable packs either. This noodle soup may seem simple, but it is a culinary canvas with meticulously simmered broths, homemade noodles, and carefully selected toppings that add the perfect texture and flavor to these bowls. Whether you’re a long-time ramen aficionado or a curious newcomer, prepare to embark on a savory journey through the world of this beloved noodle soup that offers comfort to all who enjoy it. 


2601 West Fort Street, Detroit

Johnny Noodle King has one focus as the name suggests, and it is noodles. As far as ramen goes, there is quite a variety of flavor profiles to choose from. For a basic option, Dorm Room Ramen is ramen noodles with your choice of broth, but there are so many more options to select. There is chicken, cajun crawler with butter-poached crawfish, Shoyu with pork belly or shredded pork, New Seoul with braised beef shorted rib, and so many more. Beyond each bowl, there is an extensive selection of add-ons you can choose from to make your bowl uniquely yours. Pick from items like roasted garlic and pickled ginger to bacon and fried tofu. 

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4313 West 13 Mile Road, Royal Oak

“Edo Ramen & Sushi Lounge, or as we call it – Edo Lounge, is a super-hip, unique, and unassuming place,” shares Joell Hart, Edo Lounge Events & Creative. “You get a variety of delicious Asian fusion food and diverse local and national art and music shows, all in a ‘come as you are’ atmosphere. Edo features sustainable specials, and has expanded their vegan and vegetarian menus, using locally sourced vegetation whenever possible.” Edo Lounge separates its ramen into two categories: traditional, and specialty. The traditional noodle soup is your choice of broth, from options of pork, chicken, bonito and kelp, soybean, or mushroom, with a half hard-boiled egg, fishcake, corn, spinach, seaweed, garlic chips, crispy onions, scallions, and your choice of protein with choices like steamed or fried tofu, shrimp, beef, chicken, or braised pork. The specialty menu section has vegetarian options like Mrs. Green or Magic Mushroom, as well as spicy miso, Kai, or Japanese curry. 

bowl of magic mushroom ramen from edo ramen house with homemade noodles, broth and mushrooms
Photo courtesy of Joell Hart, Edo Lounge Events & Creative


817 East Big Beaver Road, Troy

Miso is a great spot in Troy with a sushi bar, grill, and of course, ramen. You can choose from pork belly, beef shank, chicken, or vegetable options with either the traditional or miso. The traditional version has a tonkatsu broth base with black fungus, green onion, fish cake, bamboo, egg, and a seaweed slice. The miso ramen has a miso broth base with scallion, bamboo, corn, black fungus, egg, and a seaweed slice. Either choice is delicious, it just depends on what flavor broth base you want to try. Pick one to try, and check out the extensive sushi menu while you’re there.


32203 John R. Road, Madison Heights

4870 Cass Avenue, Detroit

2100 Michigan Avenue, Detroit

Ima and Ima Izakaya are Metro Detroit favorites, and the three locations all offer different ramen variations. Ima Izakaya has three options, Yuzu Miso with a porcini broth with Shiro miso, yuzu, and lemon, Spicy Tori with a rich chicken broth with a house spice blend and toasted chili oil, and Ginger Tori with fresh grated ginger. Ima’s Midtown and Madison Heights locations also serve Spicy Tori ramen but also have options with veggie, spicy chicken, roasted chicken-shoyu, or spicy kimchi broth. Check out the different menus to see which options appeal to you to decide which location you’ll want to visit. 


6866 North Rochester Road, Rochester Hills

Ginza Ramen boasts of making its broth fresh daily with various vegetables and chicken. This spot offers several ramen dishes, including a spicy peanut and Shoyu ramen, which has a soy sauce broth and fish cakes. Each ramen choice includes a marinated egg and green onion, but the spicy seafood version has mussels, while the vegetable option has green beans, kernel corn, and fried onions too. 


312 South Main Street, Royal Oak

City Ramen is an excellent choice with homemade ingredients and care put into every bowl. “We are a scratch Japanese-style Ramen shop making our noodles, pickles, kimchi, broths, and ice cream in-house,” Executive Chef, Adam DeMonaco tells us. “[We] also as locally sourced as possible, and have a building spirits, sake, soju, and beer list. Striving to give you the best bowl of Ramen possible, with the option to have a couple of drinks, or just come in and sit at the bar and have a beer!” City Ramen offers a vegan option, duck, as well as chicken, bold, or royal pork choices. 

bowl of ramen from city ramen
Photo courtesy of City Ramen