Raspberry Mint, Ghost Pepper Jam & More Make Up These Margaritas

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | May 5, 2017
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Today is Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that brings a few things to mind, namely margaritas. In metro Detroit there are plenty of places you can get your margarita fix on this momentous day, but why not make it a margarita to remember? Here are six memorable margaritas with a twist that you can enjoy in the D.

Mesa – Habanero Peach & Raspberry Mint

Located in downtown Royal Oak, Mesa has become a staple destination for Mexican fare and tequila-based drinks in metro Detroit. Some of the more unique margaritas on the menu are the habanero peach and raspberry mint margaritas. The habanero peach margarita uses habanero infused Exotico, Gran Gala, lime, lemon and house peach compote. The raspberry peach margarita contains raspberry infused Exotico, Gran Gala, lime, lemon, fresh mint and simple syrup. Think of it like a cross between a margarita and mojito with a sweet raspberry flavor.

Imperial – Detroit Tart


Photo courtesy of Imperial.

If you like a smooth sweetness after that tequila bites, the Detroit Tart at Imperial in Ferndale is a prime choice. Sauza Silver, lime and a sugar-salt rim are the basics of this margarita, but it’s when you add the tart cherry juice that you have something else entirely. Ask about their house infused jalapeño, hibiscus, pineapple and habanero orange tequilas, as well.

El Barzon – Margarita Luigi

El Barzon in Detroit combines Italian and Mexican cuisine and that culinary method comes through in its margaritas, too. How apropos that one of the most unique margaritas on the menu is called Margarita Luigi. Using lime, tequila, triple sec, nine mango con chile mango slices, lemon and tequila chile tajin, the Margarita Luigi is a combination of the spice of Mexican cuisine and the inventiveness of Italian recipes.

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Mex – Ghostbuster & Starburst

With two locations in Bloomfield Hills and Great Lakes Crossing, Mex seeks to be a dining destination for any time of the day with lunch, dinner, brunch and happy hour offerings. As for margaritas, Mex stands out with the Ghostbuster, a mix of El Jimador tequila, ghost pepper jam and lemon. Obviously, the ghost pepper jam is what will jump out at you. Needless to say, this margarita has more than just a bite to it. If you want to play with the opposite side of the taste spectrum, the fruity Starburst margarita is sure to satisfy with El Jimador tequila, lemon and peach, pineapple and grapefruit juices.