Real Live Hauntings In the D

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 11, 2017
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There’s something about fear that people are attracted to. Is it the rush of adrenaline people get from treading lightly on the unknown? Is it the insatiable nature of curiosity? Whatever it might be, only the bravest amongst us would actually go looking for ghosts and other hauntings in their own backyard…right?

With it being October and Halloween just a few weeks away, we thought we’d take a look at some of the spooky, scary and otherwise creepy landmarks in Detroit.

Leland Hotel

What is it about hotels and hauntings? (Somehow, I bet Stephen King is, at least partially, responsible). The 90-year-old Leland Hotel has a rich history that involves, most notably, Jimmy Hoffa and the Purple Gang. The hotel was a frequent meeting place and hangout for the mobsters. When Hoffa went missing in the 80s, the hotel was searched. Over time, several deaths have occurred at the hotel and while you can still book a room to stay here, guests have reported hearing eerie voices and other noises during their stay.

The Masonic Temple

Sometimes, ghosts and spirits like to get down as much as the rest of us, which is why haunting venues like The Masonic Temple is the perfect game. With hundreds of rooms across 14 floors, this century-old building is a playground for mischievous spirits. It’s no wonder it’s home to the biggest Halloween party of the year.

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Elmwood Cemetery

If you’ve heard of the Battle of Bloody Run, you’ve probably heard of Elmwood Cemetery. As the history lesson goes, during Pontiac’s Rebellion in 1763, about 250 British troops tried to stop Pontiac’s siege of Fort Detroit. Pontiac and his people bested them in combat and the result caused the nearby creek was to have run red with blood, hence the name of the conflict. Elmwood is one Michigan’s oldest cemeteries and positively spooky, especially at night.

Two Way Inn

If you’re looking to hit the town this Halloween and want an extra creep factor to go with your buzz, there are a few watering holes worth the visit. Two Way Inn was owned and built by Colonel Philetus Norris, who allegedly haunts the place. Norris was a Civil War spy, poet, Ohio legislator and more. If you see a ghostly cowboy-looking figure, you might be staring at the former superintendent of Yellowstone.

The Whitney

Other notable buildings with reports of hauntings include The Whitney mansion, which is now an upscale restaurant. Lumber baron David Whitney Jr. and his wife both died inside The Whitney mansion, their home. It is said that apparitions have been seen on all three floors of the mansion. There have been reports of the elevator operating autonomously. And when all is quiet, sounds of utensils and dishes moving can be heard.