Let the Needle Drop This Saturday on Record Store Day

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 20, 2018
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Are you ready to rock?

The five words every headbanger, thrasher and all-around music lover wants to hear. It’s a rhetorical question, really. The answer always comes in the form of screams and roars from a crowd of music-hungry fans. To the uninitiated, the answer is and always will be an unequivocal “YEAH!”

Those fans, the ones that come out to support their favorite bands and artists at live shows, are likely the same ones that will be lining up this Saturday, April 21 at their favorite independent record store for the annual celebration of music, records and record stores: Record Store Day.

As has been the case since its inception in 2007, this year’s Record Store Day promises hundreds of exclusive vinyl releases for fans of all kinds of music. From classic rock gods, like AC/DC and David Bowie, to more contemporary bands, like Disturbed and Fleet Foxes, Record Store Day will see the release of exclusive vinyls and LPs. To see the full list of RSD releases, click here.

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If you’re looking for a participating record store in metro Detroit, check out a few we have listed below or search the official RSD website. Note: not all participating stores will have all RSD releases.

Paramita Sound

Having just relocated downtown to set up shop inside Detroit Is the New Black space on Woodward, Paramita Sound continues its commitment to delivering records to Detroit’s vinyl-loving population. Expect tons of records and even a dual-turntable set-up at the head of the store.

Detroit Threads

Located in Hamtramck and known for its collection of techno, house, electro and dubstep music, Detroit Threads has been a home to Detroit’s large following of electronic music fans. They also have an ample supply of Detroit/techno apparel.

Underground Sounds

An independent record store in Ann Arbor, Underground Sounds has a long history in southeast Michigan. Initially known as That Total Age in Ypsilanti in 1993, the store relocated and renamed itself to Vinyl Joe’s Coffee and Records in 1995 before settling in its current spot in Ann Arbor as Underground Sounds in 2001. With such a long history in music distribution and a focus on the latest releases, Underground Sounds is definitely one to check out this RSD.

UHF Records

This Royal Oak store is not only a great place for new releases but it also buys used LPs, CDs, DVDs and more. It’s been around since 2010 and has become a local favorite for its large collection of new and used music, movies, books and magazines. They even buy and sell new and vintage turntables!