Rogue Estate is Serving Up Traditional BBQ with a Twist

By: Karen Dybis | March 5, 2018
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With spring on the horizon, grilling season is officially around the corner.  But until then where can you go for juicy and unique BBQ dishes?  Well, I’m glad you asked! Rogue Estate BBQ is setting fire to the metro Detroit area with local favorites such as the kielbasa that usually sells out before the dinner rush.

Photo Courtesy of RE BBQ

Photo courtesy of RE BBQ.

So what makes RE BBQ different from other BBQ joints?  “The biggest difference is that we don’t have a food truck, so we don’t change locations. Staying in one place makes us a lot easier to find than when we were doing tent & trailer pop-ups” says RE BBQ owner Bob Perye.

Those who visit will be treated to traditional bbq with a flare. One of their most newest sides is the parmesan creamed corn. No one else is doing corn like this. Or how about you grab a cup of  Hot Smocoa. Simply put, this is smoked Hershey’s hot cocoa powder mixed with dry milk, sugar and spices. Then this magical concoction is topped with marshmallows and voila! Liquid s’mores is created! Grab a cup especially since winter is not done with Michigan yet.

Once the main course is scarfed down save room for dessert because RE BBQ is smoking pineapples, soaking peaches in bourbon and creating a new twist on the apple pie called Apple Un-pie. Oh, and did I mention they make ginger peach cobbler!

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“The recipes adapted for the daily specials come from all over the world, so there is always something new to try along with the usual BBQ classics,” says Perye.

Photo Courtesy of RE BBQ

Photo courtesy of RE BBQ.

With the main ingredients of “time and love” put into all the dishes that are made in-house, all meat is made on the “BEAST” grill that cooks everything with oak fire.  With dinner specials such a beef stroganoff and smoked catfish, you will never be disappointed. RE BBQ is only open three days out of the week; Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 3-730pm.

So bundle up grab a late lunch or dinner on the way home from work. If the sun is shining (and it’s not snowing) take a seat on their patio as you grub on their brisket. Grab a pocket-size constitution for a $1 while you’re there! It’s on the menu.

Rogue Estate BBQ (RE BBQ)
600 Woodward Heights
Ferndale, MI 48220