Roll Into One of These Metro Detroit Restaurants for Great Sushi

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 7, 2018
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There are few foods out there that can provide the amount of zing and tang that sushi can. Packed into a roll or dish, there’s a freshness that’s hard to duplicate in other dishes. If you’re looking for a large amount of zest, check out these five Metro Detroit sushi spots that offer up some of the most unique sushi in the D.

Oyaki Sushi Restaurant

Dearborn Heights’ Oyaki Sushi Restaurant combines fresh ingredients with unique recipes to come up with great contemporary Japanese dishes. They offer up plenty of great sushi options, but their Las Vegas roll is their most unique with tempura salmon and cream cheese, topped with spicy sauce, oyaki sauce and jalapeno. Be sure to visit and ask about their chef’s special roll to see what’s new!

Take Sushi

Take Sushi in Rochester Hills has an extensive sushi and sashimi menu that will leave fans of Japanese cuisine very satisfied. Their raw maki roll options include a Jello Shot roll with salmon, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, masago, scallion, and dried tuna flakes on top. Be sure to check out their other offerings from their cooked maki roll, nigiri sushi, and sashimi menus.

Tai Fai

Offering up plenty of flavor with Thai dishes and sushi creations, Tai Fai is your home to an authentic Asian dining experience. Their Tai Fai Roll is a California roll topped with baked shrimp, scallops, cucumber, onion, spicy mayo and sweet sauce. The Oak Park sushi restaurant is also now offering vegan options, so be sure to check out their full menu here.


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Noble Fish

Noble Fish in Clawson has a wide ranging traditional Japanese menu that has some of the best sushi around. From their rainbow roll with tuna, salmon, shrimp and eel, to their spider roll with snow crab, their menu is full of uniquely favored sushi. They also offer a large selection of pre-made sushi boxes, with over 30 kinds made fresh daily.

Sushi Coup

Specializing in sushi, poke bowls, and chicken wings, Sushi Coup in Rochester Hills is a new way to experience sushi. Their signature bowls include their tempura bowl with shrimp, sweet potato tempura, avocado mash, cucumber, crunch, eel sauce, sushi rice and salad. It makes for a filling lunch, and you can find more of their bowls here.