Round-Up of 2017’s Best New Restaurants

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 29, 2017
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Experiencing a new restaurant is exciting. From walking in and feeling the atmosphere, to looking at the menu and all if its offerings, to finally tasting something new and (hopefully) delicious, there’s something exhilarating about venturing into the unknown. Metro Detroiters sure got a lot of excitement in 2017 as there were plenty of great new restaurants opening its doors. We won’t be able to highlight all of the new metro Detroit restaurants, but here are just some of our favorite new restaurants in the D.

Royale with Cheese

Sometimes you just need a good ol’ fashioned burger, and Royale with Cheese in Detroit more than does the trick. They offer plenty of delicious burgers, but there are also other sandwiches that non-burger aficionados can enjoy. It’s better than your typical burger joint and you can brag to all of your “Pulp Fiction” friends that you had a Royale with Cheese.

Lady of the House

One of the most talked about new Detroit restaurants of 2017 was Lady of the House. The Corktown restaurant has a modern American feel with sprinkles of Irish influences, which is both showcased on the food and drink menu. It’s quickly becoming one of the area’s hottest tables and a place you should check out in 2018.


The seafood bistro in Ferndale made some waves in 2017 and it looks to continue that momentum into the new year. They offer a wide range of seafood and drink options, but it’s their oysters that really make them stand out. Delivered from NewBrunswick, Canada and Baja, Mexico, the oysters go from tide to table in less than 24 hours making for some of the freshest oysters around.

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Fat Salmon Sushi

The new Hamtramck sushi spot was a huge hit in 2017 as it offers guests both classic sushi offerings along with some intriguing ones. Their traditional offerings include California, tuna, and salmon rolls. Their unique rolls include salmon pizza, salmon on the beach, and chili shrimp rolls. Whether you try old favorites, or something new, you can’t go wrong at Fat Salmon Sushi.


Known for their dip sandwiches, Joebar in Hazel Park became a neighborhood favorite in 2017. From french dip, to grilled cheese, to great soup, it’ll warm you up on a chilly winter afternoon. The bar also hosts many fun events, which we hope continues in 2018.