Savor the Taste of Summer on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 2, 2017
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We’ve tried to keep you cool this summer by giving you some ideas for places that offer the best ice cold treats in metro Detroit, but one treat we didn’t mention was the ice cream sandwich. Perfectly blending the cool, creamy taste of ice cream with the texture of a cookie, the ice cream sandwich is a supremely underrated treat. Seeing that today is national ice cream sandwich day, we thought it would be the perfect time to shine the spotlight on this tasty treat. So whether you plan to celebrate today, this weekend, or any other day, here are four metro Detroit ice cream stores that will help you take advantage of today’s holiday properly.

Cool Jack’s

One place you can get handcrafted cookies paired with award winning ice cream is Cool Jack’s. Their cookie flavors range from chocolate chip to peanut butter to snickerdoodle, while their ice cream flavors include vanilla, chocolate, mint chip, salted caramel, cranberry marshmallow, and more. Not all flavors or cookies are available every day, but that just means you’ll have to come back and try different combinations. Darn.

What Up Dough?

This popular cookie company is known for their delicious cookie dough (hence the name), but they are also popular for their Icebergers. Made with one of their four signature cookies (mint chocolate chocolate, southern seduction, p’nut butter s’more, and mocha caramel), Icebergers feature ice cream with either pecan, chocolate, or peanut chunks. It’s as delicious as it sounds and can even be bought in packs for the whole family to enjoy (or for yourself multiple times).

Blank Slate

If you’re from the Ann Arbor area, you’ve probably stopped in for a sweet treat from Blank Slate on a hot summer’s day, but did you know about their ice cream sandwiches? Blank Slate’s ice cream sandwiches can be scooped with any flavor of your choosing, and there are plenty to choose from. From basics like Madagascar vanilla, to more adventurous ones like chocolate covered pretzel with caramel swirl, Blank Slate has it all. Be sure to check out the flavors yourself, which vary from day to day.

The Silverado is the truck that works as hard as you do.

Custard Hut

Frozen custard is fantastic on its own, but smash it between two waffles and you’ve got yourself one tasty sandwich. The Custard Hut in Dearborn Heights offers this popular dessert that showcases both their fluffy waffles and scrumptious frozen custard. Whether you’re in the mood for chocolate chip waffles with vanilla custard in the middle, or powdered waffles paired with strawberry custard, the Custard Hut has what you’re craving.