Schwartz’s Deli… Fast, Fresh & Friendly!

By: Kate Chidester | January 21, 2013
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Imagine a sandwich chock full of meat, cheese and other delights, so big that you can barely open your mouth wide enough to take a bite. Then imagine taking that first bite… full of flavor, the meat harmonizing with the cheese and the veggies adding their crisp zest to the mix… Hungry yet?

If these images leave you salivating, then head over to Schwartz’s Deli in Highland to experience delicatessen like you have never had before. Schwartz’s Deli is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Mike and Michelle Schwartz. They opened February 2012 and have since become a welcome addition to the area.

Really, there is nothing quite like Schwartz’s Deli. Walking into the restaurant, the atmosphere is warm and inviting with Mike and Michelle there to greet you. All of their meats and cheeses are sliced right behind the counter for each order, so you can watch your sandwich being made.

The hardest part about visiting Schwartz’s is figuring out what you want to eat. With over 40 sandwiches on the menu, it really is a tough call. Their signature sandwich is their #1, Mikey’s Corned Beef Special. However, there is plenty on the menu to satisfy any palate.

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Schwartz’s is special due to their commitment to our great state of Michigan. Their meats, breads, paper products and more are all purchased from local vendors. It is evident the moment you walk in the door with the wonderful display of Michigan classics; Towne Club, Faygo and Better Made chips are there to greet you.

Michelle explained that it is important to them to support local business and they strive to do that. “Our thought is to keep the business in Detroit” she said, “We do our part to keep local suppliers going.”

Another unique aspect of Schwartz’s is that they offer free delivery to an extensive area! They also do banquets and catering, so give them a call and they will bring their delightful creations to you!

When you are in the mood for some great sandwiches at a very reasonable price, look no further than Schwartz’s Deli. Fast, fresh and friendly… That is Schwartz’s!