Seasonal Beer & Spirits at Atwater in the Park

By: Amber Ogden | August 21, 2015
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Belly up to the bar at Atwater in the Park, located in Grosse Pointe, and you’ll soon realize it’s like no other. Housed in what was formerly a church, the historic building was built in 1936 and now serves as a biergarten and tap house.

An unusual, yet stunning sight, the brewery equipment is located right behind a long bar where an altar used to be, with a trio of stained glass windows behind it. The original pews are still there, serving as seating along the walls.

The beer hall also has an outdoor patio bar and private dining room with fireplace. While its location is exceptional enough, the offerings at Atwater in the Park are what make it truly unique.

Earlier this summer, Atwater in the Park celebrated its spirit launch in conjunction with its one-year anniversary party in June. Spirits include vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and tequila.


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Atwater in the Park

(Photo courtesy of Atwater in the Park)

“Right now we have an 8 year old whiskey that is 100 proof that everybody seems to be enjoying because of how smooth it is and how it plays well on its own with just a little bit of ice,” Matthew Goyette, operations at Atwater in the Park, said.

Craft cocktails are plentiful; try a thirst quencher like the GP Mule with vodka, ginger syrup, seltzer and lime.

“The most popular (cocktail) is our Waterfall,” Goyette said. “It’s muddled watermelon with vodka, a little bit of basil and like a sweet and sour pressed soda.”

Atwater in the Park also partners with Black Star Farms to create a private label selection of wines, including house red, house white and Riesling.

Last Friday was the launch of Blue Nectar Vienna Lager, an oak aged Vienna malt with a hint of tequila, an Atwater in the Park exclusive. There are always new beers coming up every month, according to Goyette, who said that there are already two fall brews on tap:

“We do have our Blocktoberfest that’s just recently arrived, as well as our Pumpkin Spiced Latte getting ready for fall,” he said.

No matter the season, you’ll find something to fit your fancy at Atwater in the Park.