Space, Fantasy, and Comics: These Metro Detroit Events Celebrate Everything You Love

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 28, 2018
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We all have those franchises that we are way too invested in. Whether you’re into galaxies far, far away, fantasy video games, or the latest comic books, franchises help you escape the day-to-day stresses and experience something truly exceptional. One of the best parts of being part of a geekdom in 2018 is that there are more and more ways to help you celebrate the things you love. One of the most fun ways to celebrate your geeky side is by attending events or cons, so lucky for you here are six upcoming metro Detroit events where you can let your geek flag fly.

Go Comedy! Non-Players Comedy (3/29)

Go Comedy! is home to some of the area’s funniest and entertaining minds in southeast Michigan, and they have been showcasing a one act comedy from Keith Faigin titled Non-Player Characters over the past month. The comedy focuses on background characters from video games and what happens in between all of the exciting fantasy action from your favorite game. The show has its final performance this Thursday, March 29 at 9:30 p.m.

Jay & Silent Bob Get Old (4/10)

Kevin Smith, arguably the king of nerds, and his best friend Jason Mewes are bringing back Jay & Silent Bob in a special live event. Jay & Silent Bob Get Old is part of the Freep Film Festival and will be a live recording of their wildly popular weekly podcast. You can experience their geeky references and witty banter first hand by finding tickets on Ticketmaster.  

Beer & Comics (4/13)

Joes Hamburgers will be hosting their second Beer & Comics event on Friday, April 13. The event will feature some of the industry’s most talented comic book artists featuring Tony Miello, John Mariquin, and Eric Guetierez. The event will also feature Joes Hamburgers award-winning burgers and select beer tasting. Be sure to buy tickets here as they are expected to sell out!

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Motor City Nightmares (4/27-4/29)

Motor City Nightmares will celebrate its 10th anniversary starting on Friday, April 27. The celebration will feature the best new talent of horror, filmmakers, and horror movies that can only be seen at the festival. Plenty of artists and vendors will be on display as well, so be sure to grab your tickets here.

Motor City Comic Con 2018 (5/18-5/20)

Suburban Collection Showplace will once again play host to the Motor City Comic Con starting on Friday, May 18. The three day celebration of all forms of pop culture is packed with celebrity guests such as Jerome Flynn (“Game of Thrones”), Summer Glau (“Firefly”), Stephen Amell (“Arrow”), Val Kilmer (“Batman Forever”), and the kid stars from last year’s smash horror hit “It.” Tons of exhibitors and collectible items will also be on display, so be sure to get your tickets to this year’s event!

Star Wars and the Power of Costume (5/20-9/30)

Travel to a galaxy far, far away by visiting the Star Wars And The Power of Costume exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts starting on Sunday, May 20. Over 66 original costumes will be on display from the first seven “Star Wars” films so you’ll be able to get a close-up look at some of the most famous costumes in cinematic history. Designers and actors will guide guests through the costume experience through videos and displays. The exhibit will run through the end of September and more information can be found here.