Speakeasy and carry a stiff drink

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 5, 2012
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Many of us would like to permanently forget it, but there was a time in which alcohol was against the law in this country.  Though Uncle Sam did his best to keep the country dry and sober during prohibition the good people of America did what they do best and rebelled by way of the speakeasy.

Some of you may know that Detroit has quite a history when it comes to the p-word… prohibition.  Our city’s close proximity to Canada made it a prime location for smuggling illegal liquor across the border.  The active rum-running industry made Detroit the perfect setting for speakeasy heaven.

An underground bar filled with jazz music, women in flapper dresses and dashing gents, all with drinks in hand.  It’s the classic prohibition love story.  And while prohibition has long since come and gone the glamorous feel of the speakeasy era is being remembered and revived.

Places like The Oakland in Ferndale and Café d’Mongo’s in Detroit and The Sugar House in Corktown are all sportin’ a speakeasy vibe that makes for a great atmosphere to enjoy the hooch.  The Oakland goes even farther in re-creating the speakeasy feel.  With blacked out windows and a front door that advertises an “art novelty” company you would never think there was a bar behind those doors.

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If you’re looking for the real deal, there are several bona fide speakeasies that are still open for business today.  You can’t get more authentic than that.  Check out this list of genuine Detroit speakeasies.

Lucky for us, prohibition was repealed and we are free to drink happily ever after.