Raise a Glass to Spring Beers in the Mitten

By: Amber Ogden | March 23, 2016
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It’s officially spring, and if making it through another Detroit winter isn’t reason enough to raise a foamy glass, I’m not sure what is! As you frequent your favorite bar or head to the store for a six-pack, you’ll notice several seasonal releases from Michigan breweries.

No matter what type of beer you choose to imbibe in, grab a pint of one of the following:

Wheat or Citrus

Oberon is a classic spring/summer brew, courtesy of Bell’s Brewery. The citrus wheat beer instantly says “warm weather” with the first sip. Available through Labor Day.

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Arcadia Ales’ Whitsun is an English style spring seasonal beer, spiced with coriander, orange peel and Michigan honey. At 6.2 percent ABV, it’s great for sipping all spring and summer long.


Arbor Brewing Company’s Strawberry Blonde, available April through August, is a medium to full bodied brew with citrus, spice and fruit flavors. It’s fruity and floral without being too sweet. Pairs well with barbecue, citrus dishes and strawberry rhubarb pie!


If you’re a fan of hoppy beers, try Founders Brewing Co.’s Mosaic Promise, available April through September. Featuring Mosaic hops and Golden Promise malt, it’s a golden beer that comes in at 5.5 percent ABV.

Pale Ale

While hoppy like an IPA, Short’s Brewing Company’s ControversiALE is earthy and citrusy, yet refreshing like a Pale Ale. With Simcoe hops and a pine-like aroma, you’ll enjoy it all season long. Available now.

German Bock

Atwater Brewery’s spring variety, Mai-Bock, is a traditional German Bock made with imported malt and hops. It’s deep gold in color and comes in at 7.0 percent ABV.

There are countless breweries throughout the great state of Michigan, and these are only a small sampling of the spring beers you’ll likely come across in the next few weeks.