Music Is Your Lucky Charm at These St. Patrick’s Day Concerts

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 16, 2018
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In a day dedicated to Irish heritage, the Irish and Irish-at-heart come out in droves, wearing all manner of green apparel to ward off would-be pinch attacks. While many will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a pint of green-colored beer, go a few steps further this year by celebrating with some local (and some non-local) musical acts throughout metro Detroit.

Corktown Popes and The Muggs at The Loving Touch

Prepare to have your collective faces melted off. Detroit bands Corktown Popes and The Muggs will be performing at The Loving Touch this St. Patrick’s Day, starting at 8 p.m. A little blues, a little rock; The Muggs have been acknowledged as one of the best blues bands around and will be opening the show. Corktown Popes will follow The Muggs and while they don’t consider themselves a rock band or a Celtic band, there are clear influences of both in their music.

Rick Straub & Social Bones at Northville Winery


Justin Lee of Social Bones performs at Vanderfest.

In addition to special beers on tap, green cider slushies and live painting, Northville Winery (located right next to Parmenter’s Cider Mill) is the spot this St. Patrick’s Day to see a couple of local acts; singer-songwriter Rick Straub and band Social Bones. Straub will open the show at 5 p.m. with Social Bones following his lead at 8 p.m. Social Bones makes use of their improvisational skills, playing a combination of covers and original work.

St. Punktrick’s Day Show at New Dodge Lounge

Punk’s not dead. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. The St. Punktrick’s Day show at New Dodge Lounge is proof of that. Punk bands from across the Midwest will be converging on Hamtramck to scream until their lungs get sore…and then some. Check out Bleeding On Your  Conscience, Johnny Sin, The Lowcocks and Nahuales Underground this St. Paddy’s Day.

The Silverado is the truck that works as hard as you do.

Terrapin Flyer at Otus Supply

A premiere Grateful Dead cover band, Terrapin Flyer will be making their way from The Windy City to The Parliament Room at Otus Supply in Ferndale this St. Patrick’s Day. With a rotating lineup of performers in the band, this performance will see Kara Cavanaugh on vocals, Josh Olken on lead guitar, Jon Reed on drums, Janis Wallin on bass, Doug Hagman on rhythm guitar and Scott Guberman on keys.


The George Brothers performs at Military Street Cafe in Port Huron in 2012. Photo courtesy of Barry George.

The George Brothers Band at Hamlin Corner

As many aspiring musicians were during the heyday of music in the ‘60s, The George Brothers Band found themselves greatly inspired by the hit pop sensation from England known as The Beatles. Channeling that inspiration, the brothers combine upbeat guitar work, catchy vocals and more for a performance you can really get into. Their show at Hamlin Corner in Royal Oak will be rotated with DJ Chris Hesano and DJ Ehab.