Take a Bite: House Smoked Meats at Stache International

By: Amber Ogden | February 5, 2016
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There is no shortage of dining options in Detroit’s Eastern Market neighborhood. The latest to hit the scene is Stache International, a deli that specializes in sandwiches stacked with house smoked meats and homemade sausages.

Owners Ray Moses, his wife Grace Moses and partner Steve Kay committed to a menu full of fresh and unique sandwiches upon opening for business mid-January.

“We want our items to be unique, and we take a lot of pride in being able to create things that are new and exciting,” Grace Moses said. “The easiest way to make that happen is by building each and every menu item from the ground up from scratch. It also gives us an opportunity to utilize a lot of what the market has to offer as far as food products go.”

The menu’s Stache Favorite sandwich is made with homemade bologna, smoked bacon, caramelized onions, American cheese and Carolina mustard, served on garlic bread. Another menu standout is the Southern Belle, topped with smoked turkey breast, smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, tomato, collard greens and a spicy ranch sauce on an onion biscuit from nearby On the Rise Bakery.

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“We really strive to make menu items that are different and more creative from what else is out there. Along with that, we don’t have one theme—we really do try to include many different international cuisines, and making our own sausages is definitely a unique factor,” Moses said.

Try the Happy Drunk or Reuben Kay sandwich to get a taste of Stache International’s homemade sausage. With an emphasis on so many made from scratch items (even the potato chips are seasoned in-house!), Moses and her team are proud to support other local vendors and food companies, too.

“The historical significance of Eastern Market is really amazing, and it is surreal to actually be a part of such a historical district in a great city like Detroit,” Moses said. “The more local vendors and suppliers that we can collaborate with, the better. We want to enhance and support the community in any way possible—large or small.”

For more information on Stache International, check out the deli’s Facebook page.

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