Straight from the tap… A flight of Michigan breweries!

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | July 25, 2012
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Beer is an acquired taste. For some, they enjoy it right out of the gate. They savor the flavor of hops and enjoy the quest for the perfect brew. For others, they don’t care about the differences between lagers and ales, craft brews and big brands. They will crack open a Bud Light or Molson Canadian and enjoy themselves. And then there are people – like me – who just haven’t found a beer that they like…yet.

So in my pursuit to find one that becomes my go-to brew, I’ve searched out and tried the wares of some of the best, and most highly recommended local breweries.  Not only are they local and brew a great variety of beer, they also distribute! So if you can’t make it out to where it’s made, at least you have a chance of picking it up at your local store or bar.

Witches Hat Brewing –  Based out of South Lyon, this brewery is new to distribution, and has people clamoring to get a taste of their ales. With names like The Lyger and Rumble Under the Red Light, they have to be good!

Wolverine State Brewing Company –  Calling themselves the brewers of “Michigan’s Most Drinkable Beers,” Wolverine specializes in making lagers. In fact, their slogan says it better than I ever could: Leading the lager revolution!

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Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales –  Jolly Pumpkin has a brewery in Dexter and a brewery/distillery in Traverse City. They are an old style brewery who focuses strongly on open fermentation, oak aging and bottle conditioning. I’m told this gives their ales a better flavor than most. They have a really great section on their site that walks you through their brewing process. Really interesting and tempting, too!

Brewery Vivant –  Their beers are crafted in the tradition of Belgian and French style. They’re located in Grand Rapids and even offer really cool brewery tours. Check out their blog, to learn more.

Founders – Another favorite from Grand Rapids. I’ve been told to try the Curmudgeon Old Ale. Who doesn’t love a little old curmudgeon in their life?

Dragonmead Microbrewery – This brewery was voted best brewery of 2012 by I think I’d try the Lancelot’s Cream Ale before I tried the Earl’s Spit Stout. Something about the word spit….

Arcadia Ales – They brew their beer in the old English style using malted barley and equipment imported from dear ol’ blighty. I’m interested in trying the Cereal Killer Barleywine. It offers “an explosion of full-bodied, liquid goodness.”

Shorts Brewing Company – When asking which breweries I should try out, everyone across the board recommended Shorts. They have a HUGE variety of beers, and their specialty beers sound so good that I think Shorts may be the place for me. PB&J Stout? Strawberry Short’s Cake? How can those NOT be delicious??

These are just a few of the local breweries that have been recommended. I’m sure I’m missing out on your favorite beer/brew haus. Make sure you let us know on our Facebook page! And wish me luck on my quest!