Sweet & Satisfyingly Filling: Smoothies & Juices in the D

By: Toni Cunningham | April 22, 2014
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Juice cleanses might be en vogue, but if you ask me, so is not starving oneself and passing out from hunger. While consuming juice instead of meals is not ideal to me, I do enjoy starting the day off with a tasty fruit smoothie quite often. Whether you prefer a fresh juice combination or a medley of creamy fruits and veggies, smoothies and juices can be found all over the place in Metro Detroit—and not just at chain establishments, either.

Smoothies make a great protein supplement, post-workout snack, and are simply refreshing on a warm spring day (which we are finally having, thank you, Mother Nature). Check out where you can get one in Metro Detroit:

Mae’s, 24060 Woodward Ave., Pleasant Ridge, has some of the best breakfast plates around. What goes best with a Caprese Omelet, Vegan Skillet, Breakfast Burrito or Coffee Cake Pancakes? Why, a fruit smoothie of course.

There are four different varieties to choose from, including Strawberry Banana (blended with yogurt and orange juice), Mixed Berry (also with yogurt and OJ), Nutty Monkey (bananas, peanut butter, yogurt and milk), and Happy Vegan (oats, strawberries, bananas, almond milk and Sugar in the Raw).

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Mae’s is tiny, but the wait is definitely worth it, which you’ll realize as soon as you take a sip.

Jungle Juice Bar, 14929 Charlevoix St., Grosse Pointe Park, opened its doors just about a year ago. Owners Regeania Hunter-Coleman and Syretta Hunter are all about holistic health, and the menu contains smoothies and juices packed with good for you ingredients.

Smoothies, raw juices, and wheatgrass shots are all available, and several of JJB’s signature juices and smoothies are named after famous jungles around the world. Take a sip of one of the following juices and instantly transport yourself: the Amazon—South America (orange, grapefruit, pineapple and acai powder), Kakadu—Australia (apple, mixed berries and grapes), or Sinharaja—Sri Lanka (pineapple, apple and kale).

If smoothies are more your style, there are plenty of those as well, including the Corcovado—Costa Rica (banana, chia spice and vanilla almond milk), Papa New Guinea—South Pacific (pineapple, banana and coconut), and Palua Tioman—Malaysia (strawberry, banana and orange). Travel has never been so easy!

Vie: Fitness & Spa, 209 S. Ashley St., Ann Arbor, may be all about New York-style authentic Pilates and personal training sessions, but the juice bar has plenty of smoothies and raw juices, both of which can be called in ahead for easy pick-up.

Juices such as the Calcium Charge (carrot, apple, kale and ginger), Orange Wave (carrot and orange juice), or simple Carrot are available. All smoothies can be prepared with a protein boost for an added two dollars and include varieties such as the Strawberry Vie (with strawberries, banana, skim milk and low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt), Pomegranate Chill (pomegranate juice, orange juice, strawberries and mango), and Morning Kick (with skim milk, low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt, coffee beans and ice).

Cacao Tree Café, 204 W. 4th St., Royal Oak, offers a menu packed with organic, fresh produce, and that includes the beverage menu. If you’re looking for variety, as well as nutrition, this is the place to be for both juices and smoothies.

Specialty juices include the Rejuvenate blend (cucumber, celery, lemon, apple), Strong Heart (beets, apple, carrot), and Revive (celery, apple, lime). If you’re up for the challenge of chugging lawn clippings, try out the specialty wheatgrass juices.

Superfood smoothies and specialty superfood smoothies include Ambrosia (mango, apple juice, lime juice, fresh mint, super-fruit berries, bobab spinach), Sunshine (banana, strawberry, orange juice, babob, super-fruit berries, kale), and Bee Green (mango, avocado, spinach, low cal raw honey, spirulina, chlorella, and apple juice, garnished with fresh local bee pollen).

Zerbo’s Health Foods, 34164 Plymouth Rd., Livonia, is a great place to stock up on fruit and vitamins, but it’s not just a health food store. Inside lies Harry’s Health Bar, which uses all organic, non-GMO produce to prepare smoothies, juices and snacks.

The handy menu lets you know which drinks aid in various health aspects, such as energy, mood and protein. There are several milk-based smoothies as well as juice-based, including the Hawaiian Island (mango, pineapple, banana, vanilla protein, and your choice of milk), Clean Green (pineapple, banana, moringa, honey, milk choice), Easy Duz It (strawberry, banana, apple juice), and Downward Dog (banana, fresh mint, cacao and coconut water).

Smoothies and juices are a healthy, refreshing way to sneak in nutrients. They taste so good, you won’t even realize how good they are for you! Grab one in the D today.