Chamomile to Green Tea: Relax with a Cup of Tea in the D

By: Amber Ogden | January 18, 2016
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If people can be broken into two categories, what would they be? Cat people vs. dog people? Coffee vs. tea drinkers? Today, we’re offering up some of the best coffee roasters and tea companies in the area so you can start your week off right.

Whether you like to enjoy a cup of tea at your desk or on the weekends, these are some of the best in Metro D:

Socra Tea

Located in Detroit, the shop sells more than 60 varieties of USDA certified organic and fair trade tea, ranging from black to oolong to green to herbal. You can shop the tea collection online, and choose from featured teas like Winter Magic and Moroccan Mint. If you need an extra boost for Monday mornings, check out the caffeinated teas.

There is always a special tea of the day, which is posted on Socra Tea’s Facebook page.

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The Plum Door Tea Company

Originally a quaint tea bar in Milford, The Plum Door Tea Company sells tea online and offers 70 different varieties, sourced from all over the world. Order in bulk and you’ll be set when it comes to work, relaxing at home and sipping on the go! Loose-leaf black tea, rooibos tea and yerba mate tea can all be found on the product page.

If you’re interested in incorporating tea into your cooking, check out these tea rubs and seasonings, perfect for ribs, steaks and more.


With both an online shop and storefront location in Plymouth, you’ll find more than 140 varieties of loose-leaf teas in store, plus an assortment of premium bagged teas. There are traditional teas in the inventory, along with some unique flavors, like Strawberry Sundae Green, Grandma’s Garden Fruit Tea and Heavenly Hazelnut Black Tea.

Should you prefer your tea without a jolt of energy, there are plenty of caffeine-free choices.

A fancier option: take advantage of high tea at The Whitney in Detroit (at 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, 1 p.m. Saturday), where you can enjoy tea, scones, finger sandwiches and a selection of pastries.

On a workday or relaxing on the weekend, it’s always a great time to enjoy a cup of tea in the D!