Ten Best: Experience Folk

By: Karen Dybis | June 14, 2019

Photo Credit: Mark Kurlyandchik of The Detroit Free Press.

Do you want to experience a free meal at one of the best restaurants that Metro Detroit has to offer?

The Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers / Detroit Free Press Top 10 Takeover offers you an opportunity to do just that. Enter for a chance to win TWO TICKETS to a meal at FOLK on June 29th, 2019. Be sure to enter no later than Noon on May 30th for an opportunity to bypass the long wait.

Need to hear a little more about the restaurant before you head out for a meal? Keep reading for a glance into this award-winning restaurant.



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Just a few blocks off of the mini freeway that is Michigan Avenue sits Folk Detroit, a restaurant that makes patrons feel like they’re enjoying a meal in their mom’s kitchen – only their mom makes five-star quality food.

Folk Detroit has all of the interior details that one comes to expect from a new Detroit eatery: Subway tile on the walls, thriving greenery in sleek planters, wood accents throughout and open shelving. It’s certainly beautiful and creative with its fresh floral arrangements and comfortable yet intimate seating.

But the thing about Folk Detroit that makes it stand out is not only its food – and it is straight-up amazing – but its comfortable vibe. Here, men and women work in tandem to create the kind of atmosphere where you can breathe deeply, slowly sip a cup of tea or coffee and settle in to enjoy a conversation like we all used to before smartphones took over our collective brains.

It starts with the neighborhood. Folk Detroit is set back into a buzzy building filled with other smaller businesses, including Farmers Hand (also owned by Folk Detroit’s founders Kiki Louya and Rohani Foulkes), Meta Physica Wellness Center as well as Mama Coo’s Boutique.

This mighty, female-powered retail ecosystem operates out of the larger machine that is Detroit, churning out beautiful things to eat and feel. There are no expectations – only relationships with these businesses. They want to serve, and their customers respond in kind with support.

There’s the wonderment of the small space that serves as Folk Detroit’s dining room. Tables are close together in the best way – they encourage talk between them. You can see what your fellow diners are eating, ask what they liked and talk about what they will try next time. The mood is communal without being cloying. Words flow freely, discreetly. No one is interrupting; your proximity is enthralling and reminiscent of white gloves, manners and respectability.

Patron Patty Greenen called Folk Detroit a “unique place for breakfast with a cozy atmosphere. Excellent breakfast done with a new twist. Loved everything about Folk and look forward to eating here again!”

The open kitchen and bar areas are reminiscent of Mom’s kitchen – you can see hands put your thick-cut bread into the toaster. You can watch as eggs are cracked over the hot cooktop. You know where Folk Detroit got its food because the labels and the people are there to tell you. Everything is plated with affection and details are meaningful. When your food arrives, you see the care given to its preparation – much like Mom would – and there is a connection there that is real and truthful.

Much of this Mom-ness comes from Louya and Foulkes, the women who own and operate Folk Detroit – they radiate not only the power of work but the understanding that food is what brings people together. They have given their all to open this restaurant, and their determination to see it’s success permeates the atmosphere. Folk Detroit has brought more heart to Corktown, offering side-street hustle to an otherwise quiet block. Every meal here is full of soul, sensation and sumptuousness that stays with you long after the plates have been cleared.