Ten Best: Experience Soora

By: Karen Dybis | May 31, 2019

Photo Credit: Mark Kurlyandchik, Detroit Free Press.

Do you want to experience a free meal at one of the best restaurants that Metro Detroit has to offer?

The Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers / Detroit Free Press Top 10 Takeover offers you an opportunity to do just that. Enter for a chance to win TWO TICKETS to dinner at Soora on June 4th, 2019. Be sure to enter no later than Noon on May 30th for an opportunity to bypass the long wait.

Need to hear a little more about the restaurant before you head out for a meal? Keep reading for a glance into this award-winning restaurant.


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Neighborhoods evolve, sometimes for the worse but mostly for the better. That is what happened when Soora, a celebrated Korean restaurant, moved into West Bloomfield and soon became a tasty landmark for locals and newcomers alike.

In classic restaurant style, word-of-mouth promotion was all Soora needed to blossom when it moved into its new home. Its previous tenants had earned a less-than-positive reputation, sad to say. As a result, people started driving past the location and eating elsewhere.

For some eateries, that would have been trouble. But Soora did what all good restaurants do – it extended itself through its friendly staff, its supersized customer service and its elevated food. Reviews started to explode on websites like Yelp, most saying that they found Soora a welcome addition to the block and planned to go back for a second, third or even fourth meal.

Like most restaurants, Soora is defined by each and every meal a patron has. They know that they live or die by reputation. They want their customers to be happy. They want their neighborhood to enjoy what they make. Most importantly in some ways, they also want to represent the Korean food they offer with the best possible version of their food, their interior and their exterior.

The thing about neighborhoods is that they are not only defined by the homes found there but the people who frequent them. They’re the people who sit on stoops and exchange stories. It’s the passing dog walker who always says a friendly “Hello.” It is the kids who run, skate, and bike past on the sidewalks.

Neighborhoods are defined as well by the businesses who set up shop. These are the people who never seem to leave, especially in those early years. They offer food and drink to all, but their main patrons are the residents, the ones who stay the longest and, generally, the ones who tip the most, knowing these servers, bussers and hosts are the ones that also likely live nearby.

Soora is defined by its kindness, its attentive staff. It is the chefs, who focus on fresh ingredients and carefully placed toppings, like scallions and sesame seeds on the appropriate dish. It’s the waiters and waitresses who watch your expression as you try a new dish to see if you like it and to report back to the kitchen.

Soora roughly translates to “King’s Meal,” and it seems like its customers truly feel like they received the honor and respect that such a distinctive name and restaurant offers to those who walk through its doors.

What Soora brought to West Bloomfield was for some a sense of home. For others, it is a taste of the exotic. For everyone, it is a chance to experience great food that may be spicier than normal – and that brings a new sense of knowledge and experience to the visit. Every visit will bring a new sense of exploration, and every neighborhood needs something like that to keep it going with a sense of purpose and personality.