Thanksgiving Dinner: Order Your Turkey From a Local Farm

By: Amber Ogden | November 3, 2015
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The holidays seem to start earlier every year, but this year takes the cake. The morning of Nov. 1, I received an email about Black Friday deals and was bombarded by a television commercial about holiday shipping featuring Santa Claus.

Let’s not skip over the next major holiday, and instead give it the attention it deserves! Thanksgiving is just over three weeks away, and that means it’s time to start planning your feast. While the side dishes and pumpkin pie are of utmost importance, your meal would of course be incomplete without a turkey.

Instead of frantically picking up a frozen bird at the grocery store the week of, consider ordering your main course from a local turkey farm this season. Here are a few to consider:

Roperti’s Turkey Farm of Livonia has been raising organic, corn fed and fresh dressed turkeys for the past 67 years. Roperti’s will be taking orders of fresh and smoked turkeys through Friday, Nov. 13, so place yours while you can!

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Thanksgiving orders may be picked up Saturday through Thursday of Thanksgiving week, and if you didn’t place your order in time, there’s a slight chance that if you stop in after noon on Wednesday, Nov. 25, there may still be turkeys available.

Roperti’s pricing list can be found here.

John Henry’s Meats, located in Millington, promises the highest quality local Michigan meats around. Holiday specials include whole fresh turkey (from $4.49/pound) and whole smoked turkey (from $6.19/pound).

The deadline for ordering your holiday bird is Wednesday, Nov. 18. John Henry’s offers delivery to the majority of southeast Michigan, and will be delivering fresh or frozen turkeys (at your preference) on Tuesday, Nov. 24. Turkeys can also be picked up at the Royal Oak Farmers Market that same day.

Hartland Farms is another great local turkey farm, but as of press time, just wrapped up taking orders for Thanksgiving. Another place to consider is Peacock’s Poultry Farm of Troy.

Whether you’re planning to gather ‘round a turkey or tofurkey this Thanksgiving, all that matters is enjoying time together as a family.