Thanksgiving Prep: Turkey Farms in Metro Detroit

By: Toni Cunningham | November 3, 2014
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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving. Turkey day is just over three weeks away, and if you’re hosting the big meal this year, it’s time to get your game plan ready. While I like to think that stuffing and pumpkin pie are the real stars of the meal, we all know the big feast will be incomplete without the main course: the bird.

Turkey on Thanksgiving is a staple here in ‘merica, and those birds fly off the shelves quicker than their little wings can carry them. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to find your turkey, or you might be out of luck! Instead of picking one up at your local supermarket, consider ordering your holiday bird this year from a local turkey farm. Here are a few you might like to consider:

Roperti’s Turkey Farm, 34700 5 Mile Rd., Livonia, has been around for over 60 years, organically raising corn fed turkeys. Fresh and smoked turkeys are both available, and your order is dressed just 24 hours before pickup. Here’s something to consider if you’re on a time crunch in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day: Roperti’s turkeys cook more quickly than processed birds because they do not contain any preservatives or chemicals.

Turkeys cost between $3.39 and $4.99 per pound, and can be ordered by calling 734-464-6546. Before preparing your meal, take a peek at Roperti’s website and browse through the handy Thanksgiving recipe guide, as well as ideas for how to prepare the leftovers.

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Hartland Farms, 2656 Clark Rd., Hartland, raises free-range turkeys, which essentially means they are not cooped up in tiny cages their entire lives. Birds grow up to 15 to 30 pounds, and are dressed and prepped right before pickup. You can order a turkey by calling 810-632-5737.

The Huron Turkey Farm, 18910 Merriman, Romulus, makes its turkeys available on November 1, all of which are free of hormones, corn fed and free range. Each bird is also inspected by the FDA at least two times a year, meaning you’re getting the highest quality product possible. Reserve your turkey by calling 734-753-9187.

John Henry’s, located in Millington, isn’t exactly a hop and a skip away from those of us who reside in Metro Detroit. Fortunately, the birds here are sold at the Royal Oak Farmers Market, 316 E. 11 Mile Rd., Royal Oak, and Birmingham Farmers Market, 590 N. Old Woodward, Birmingham.

Whole turkeys range from 10 to 26 pounds and are antibiotic and hormone free. They can be ordered fresh or frozen and picked up at the aforementioned locations. One thing to keep in mind no matter where you order your turkey: estimate approximately a pound of meat for each person attending dinner. And, of course, overestimate greatly if you’d like to have plenty of leftovers!

When all is said and done, Thanksgiving is not about the turkey, or the stuffing, or the pumpkin pie. It’s about family and togetherness and being grateful for everything we have. However, if you skip out on the turkey, you may or may not ruin Thanksgiving for your Aunt Ethel. So, make sure you order a large turkey from one of the local turkey farms provided above. And don’t wait until the last minute, either! If you do, you’ll be frantically digging through the freezer section at your local grocer.

Good luck, and happy planning!