The Benefits of Kombucha and Where to Get it

By: Amber Ogden | January 16, 2019
Young woman preparing her kombucha tea in the kitchen.

Say it with me, Kombucha (kômˈbo͞oCHə). OR “Booch” if you’re a fan of nicknames. The origin of the word is Japanese and translates to “Kelp Tea” however, kombucha is actually a fermented and very slightly alcoholic tea. The brewing process is simple and there are 4 basic steps.

  1. Creating the Tea Base- Here it is important to use the proper amount of water to sugar to tea ratio to make the perfect batch.
  2. First Fermentation Process- After steeping the tea and making it to your personal liking, it’s time for the SCOBY, ( Symbolic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). This is essential to the fermentation process. (You can purchase SCOBY at Adventures in Homebrewing located in Taylor, MI.)
  3. SCOBY Removal- This just simply stops the fermentation process. With clean hands remove the SCOBY out of the glass jar.
  4. Second Round of Fermentation- Now it is time to pour your kombucha in a closed container for 1-3 days. The carbonation will set in and viola! You have delicious kombucha.

With the carbonation and fermentation process this is how the alcohol is created. The alcohol is very low, as in 0.05% of the beverage. The beverage has a light effervescence and is served naturally sweetened from the brewing process. Kombucha is also called “the elixir of life” for it’s recognized health properties.  

A few of the benefits of drinking Kombucha include an improved digestive system and better working immune system. The healthy bacteria plays a huge part in that, in combination with the living organisms in our gut already. Drinking kombucha can also be good for arthritis, due to the glucosamine in the drink.

Visit some of these local establishments to get your hands on a bottle of kombucha.

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Detroit Kombucha Brewing Company
Detroit, MI
Here at DKBC, they serve this fizzy drink up with all the health benefits it has to offer. The company has partnered with Eli Tea, located in Downtown Birmingham. Everything is organically made in house and if kombucha is not your thing, there are a variety of teas to try from.

Neu Kombucha Store
Farmington, MI
At Neu Kombucha they have been serving up nutritious and healthy drinks since 2010. They also serve a variety of kombucha. The kombucha comes in the form of “gut shots” or you can buy it by the keg to keep on tap at home.  

Detroit, MI
At this “gathering place” they offer up kombucha and beer selections. Bring your friends and make new ones all while getting healthy together.  At Collect, you all can try kombucha in a communal space, as they add some love in your cup, literally! Kombucha has multiple healthy affects for the heart.  According to Healthline, “Kombucha can greatly improve two markers of heart disease, ‘bad’ LDL and ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, in as few as 30 days.”