The Final Course: 5 Wedding Dessert Ideas

By: Karen Dybis | August 1, 2018
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It’s wedding season! Well it’s always wedding season, but it’s officially wedding season as it occurs from spring into early fall. Outside of the wedding dress being the most important thing, food takes the cake. Wedding desserts are always beautiful, and both traditional and non-traditional wedding treats are cute and will satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out these sweet ideas for your upcoming wedding in the Metro Detroit area.   

S’mores Bar
Guests can enjoy the rustic feel of the outdoors at your s’mores bar. Chocolate, warmed marshmallows and graham crackers are perfect on a skewer for easy consumption. They can be made ahead of time and made as mini’s to make easy and elegant on the big day. This is the perfect dessert idea for an outdoor reception under the stars.

Cookie Bar
What is cuter and more traditional than milk and cookies. Give your wedding day a nostalgic feel with mini mugs of milk with chocolate chip cookies on top. If you are more adventurous, you can have a dessert table with all of your favorite cookies. Try Detroit Cookie Co. located in Ferndale, you and your guest won’t be disappointment.

Blazer at Grandma's

Wherever the road takes you, go in style. The Chevy Blazer offers the perfect blend of sophistication and versatility for your next journey.

Candy Bar Buffet
Is there anything that beats a buffet? What about a buffet full of candy!? Your guests can enjoy an assortment of your favorite candy while dancing and celebrating throughout the night.  Faithfully Yours; Event Planning, Sweets and Candy Tables can help you to make your day one for the books.

Dessert Drinks
How about put a twist on your wedding dessert by putting it in a cocktail glass, on the rocks or maybe even frozen. Red Velvet Martini,  Tiramisu Cocktail or even S’mores Pudding Shots. What ever your favorite beverage is, you can put a sweet twist on it and make it your last course. Leave your worries at the bottom of the glass and have Sumptuous Spirits, LLC create the perfect cocktail treat.

Dessert Tasting Plate
Guest can enjoy all of your favorite desserts at one time on your special day. If you want chocolate covered strawberries with mini blackberry tarts cakes and Hershey kiss chocolates on each plate, you can have it! Pick multiple sweet treats and have samples of them for your guests tasting plate. Who can pick just one desert anyway?! Have them all. Try Dearborn Sweets for tasting plate ideas.