The Fruits Jam At Detroit x Detroit and Get Ready for Their First Album

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 30, 2018
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Summer is nearly upon us, which means you might need to add some breezy tunes to your playlist, and metro Detroit’s own The Fruits is the perfect band to get you in that summer state of mind.

The Fruits began forming last fall when founding members Sean Mallare and Drew Machak were asked to perform for The Ferndale Set, a YouTube channel and collective promoting local talent. The two were just doing the occasional cover gig, but the videos from The Ferndale Set got thousands of views so that gave the duo the inspiration to start a band. They recruited Nick Press to play bass and the pop rock trio was born.

The trio describes their music as an “electric beach sound with a carefree feel,” and if you check out their performances on their Facebook page, you’ll understand why. With their love of all things fruit and the band’s light and fun sound, the name The Fruits just came to them when they weren’t expecting it.

“We had some fruit shaped hand percussion that really cracked us up during that first video, and being two laid back dudes, adopting the name The Fruits felt right. Berry right,” Machak said.

The Silverado is the truck that works as hard as you do.

The Fruits love incorporating fruit into everything they do. From the outfits they wear to handing out pineapples at their last show, The Fruits are all about using their name to its full effect. They even have fruit pun inspired stage names: Drewberry Moore, Sean Fruiter Meloncamp, and Nick Pressley Squeezed.

They put their name out there to many metro Detroit music fans when they hit the stage at this year’s Detroit x Detroit festival. The festival featured local Detroit artists covering Detroit classics, such as Stevie Wonder and Jack White. The Fruits covered The White Stripes and performed “We Are Going to Be Friends” (which they changed to “We Are Going to Be Fruits”), “Fell in Love With a Girl,” and finished with “Seven Nation Army.”

Their performance was fun, breezy, and showcased the band’s laid-back pop style. They love adapting to any surprises that happen during the show and always want everyone in the crowd to have a great time.

“We think people should know that we want all types of fruits at our shows. Whether you’re sweet and sour, or even a little too ripe, we want to hang out with you at our shows,” Machak said.

The Fruits have a lot planned for this upcoming summer, including the release of their first album. They can also be seen during the upcoming summer months at local venues.

“We’re excited for this summer, kicking it off at PJ’s Lager House on Friday, June 1. But even the little things excite us, like all of the fruit merchandise we have planned,” Machak said.

For the latest information on The Fruits, be sure to follow them on Facebook.