The Power of Cold Air: Cryotherapy in Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 8, 2018
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Have you heard of cryotherapy? It’s a form of wellness therapy that utilizes extremely cold air to enhance blood flow, improve the healing process for muscles and other cells, and improve metabolic rate in addition to other benefits.

A typical cryotherapy session lasts 2-3 minutes in which your body is exposed to very cold air (almost -300 degrees Fahrenheit). After this session, your body naturally reacts to the cold air and this reaction (your body attempting to regain a normal body temperature) is what produces positive results.

For example, cryotherapy can actually help boost a person’s metabolism for a short period of time, during which calories will be burned off through the work your body will be doing to warm itself up.

Athletes are a common subject for this form of therapy due to the need for pain management, injury treatment, or simple muscle healing. Cryotherapy helps with all of these things.

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Many cryotherapy centers offer full-body, as well as concentrated services. For example, cryotherapy can help a person rejuvenate the skin on their face. When the outer layer of skin is exposed to the extremely cold air, the body will react with increased collagen production. Your skin, as a result, becomes more elastic and produces smoother skin.

There are several cryotherapy centers located throughout Metro Detroit. Many offer full-body cryotherapy, as well as other services, such as deep tissue laser therapy and celluma, a form of light energy cell therapy.

Check out some of these local cryotherapy centers in Metro Detroit:

  • Cryospa Detroit – in addition to cryotherapy and muscle recovery technology, floatation chambers are also available
  • Live Cryo – if you purchase a “package” of multiple sessions, you’ll save a bit of money.
  • Cryobalance – can also provide deep tissue laser therapy and celluma
  • Boost Cryospa + Wellness – provides range of cryotherapy from full-body to “spot freezes”
  • Cryoberg – also has a “zero gravity” massage chair  and oxygen bar