The Wig: DIY Skate Park Will Help Support Local Community

By: Toni Cunningham | November 18, 2014
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If you ever look around on crowdfunding websites, there are likely campaigns that quickly catch your eye, and others you simply roll an eye at (i.e. that guy who was raising funds to make a bowl of potato salad, remember that character?). One local Patronicity campaign that will allow you to personally connect and make you reach for your wallet is the first project from Community Push, called “The Wig.”

The organization has partnered with ASSEMBLE to bring a DIY skate park to Detroit, and the group is attempting to transform The Wigle Recreation Center into a skate park, located at 801 Selden St., Detroit. The Midtown rec center has been closed for nearly 10 years, and even though the space is currently abandoned, it holds plenty of promise, as the park is situated amongst three Detroit schools.

This past summer, Community Push acquired The Wigle Recreation Center property, and in September, phase one of construction was executed. During this time, the space was set up to become “one of the most remarkable DIY skate parks in the country,” according to the Patronicity crowdfunding page.

Phase two, which includes a partnership with fellow Detroit organization ASSEMBLE, is where all of you lovely Metro Detroiters come in. The crowdfunding campaign will help raise money to expand the park, including the design and building of obstacles, artistic decoration of the park and public seating.

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Community Push is also establishing a program that will introduce Detroit youth and local students to the art of skateboarding. The group hopes that the park will teach kids not just how to stand up on a skateboard, but will also introduce them to a wider range of issues like health and wellness, community relationships and cultural creativity. Community Push also plans to implement after school skating programs, field trips, workshops, lessons and more.

The campaign has been live for just over a week (it began on Monday, Nov. 10), and runs through Saturday, Dec. 13. That gives you plenty of time to donate! As of press time, the Patronicity campaign has raised $4,095 of the $20,000 goal.

Donate whatever you can by visiting the official Patronicity campaign site, and you’ll receive one of the following prizes for donating $1 or more!

  • Give $1 or more and receive a Community Push “thank you” card
  • Give $20 or more and receive a Community Push “thank you” card and Community Push sticker
  • Give $40 or more and receive a Community Push t-shirt
  • Give $75 or more and receive a Community Push hooded sweatshirt
  • Give $150 or more and receive a custom Community Push skateboard
  • Give $200 or more and receive a custom brick engraved and built into the centerpiece of the park
  • Give $500 or more and receive a framed photograph of the park, brick engraving, custom skateboard, hooded sweatshirt and t-shirt
  • Give $1,000 or more and receive 30 hours of community service to the local charity of your choice, framed photograph of the park, brick engraving, custom skateboard, hooded sweatshirt and t-shirt

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this campaign is the fact that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has offered to match all funds raised during the campaign—meaning that if the generous folks of Metro Detroit help Community Push reach its goal of $20,000, MEDC will contribute $20,000 as well.

“The Wig” is a positive project that will ultimately give the youth of Detroit an outlet for fun and creativity, and Community Push is working hard to make the organization’s grand vision a reality. Don’t hesitate to help them out!