Theatre Bizarre 2015: Detroit’s Masquerade Spectacular

By: Amber Ogden | September 25, 2015
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Theatre Bizarre, Detroit’s masquerade spectacular, is back for another year of spectacle and surprises at the Masonic Temple. The sold out preview gala takes place on Friday, Oct. 16, with the main event the following night.

From burlesque to music to sideshow acts, there’s plenty to take in at Theatre Bizarre.

Theatre Bizarre

(Photo courtesy of Trever Long)

“Every year we add more and more to layer this world that we’ve created, there are new pockets of surprises around every corner, but I don’t want to reveal anything as the point of this event is to explore and discover,” Jason McCombs, co-owner and general manager of Theatre Bizarre, said.

There’s an abundance to explore, with eight floors of entertainment featuring five main stages, 19 performance spaces and hundreds of performers, including 20 bands, burlesque, circus acts and more. You’ll have 10 hours and over 200,000 square feet to explore chambers of hidden magic and immerse yourself in a world unlike anything else on earth!

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An iconic event in the city of Detroit, Theatre Bizarre began as an outdoor Halloween party in the early 21st century.

“This year, we have the most award-winning performers that we’ve ever had, the caliber of performances are at an unprecedented level and I’m extremely excited about that,” McCombs said. “There is so much to do and see, you can’t possibly see it all. It’s going to be overwhelming.”

Theatre Bizarre

(Photo courtesy of Trever Long)

Costumes are mandatory on both Friday and Saturday nights, meaning you’ll be refused entry without one. Now is the time to get creative!

“People have embraced the style and color palette and really feel as though they belong as members of this secret society that we’ve created,” McCombs said. “I have also seen recreations of costumes that have been custom designed by Theatre Bizarre in amazing detail and the line between guest and performers has dissolved, which only adds to the complete immersion of this unique event.”

Be sure to check out the dress code policy before you go.

Remaining Theatre Bizarre tickets will be sold at Ferndale’s DIY Street Fair this weekend, and at retail outlets Noir Leather and Showtime Clothing. For more information on Theatre Bizarre, visit the official website or Facebook page.