There’s Nothin’ Like Noodles and Broth on a Cold Day

By: Amber Ogden | December 18, 2017
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Who doesn’t love to have their favorite comfy winter sweater on paired with your favorite bowl of noodles on a cold winter day? Food is like a moment in time and cold Michigan weather requires that you take that time to hunker down at your favorite Asian inspired spot for comfort food. Where else can you enjoy a huge bowl of fresh ingredients diced and mixed in with noodles. From chicken infused broth to deep fried rolls, check out these cozy spots on a bitterly cold day.

Sy Thai
Voted best Thai restaurant in Hour Detroit Magazine three years in a row including 2017, Sy Thai is the perfect spot to get your grub on. With fresh food cut, prepared and cooked in house Sy Thai will not disappoint. With a range of delicacies for everyone’s palette they even offer Halal, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options. They don’t stop there! They also sell Asian market products at the Canfield location.

The Peterboro
Located in Detroit’s Historic Chinatown within Midtown and serving contemporary American Chinese food, The Peterboro is sure to please. If you want fried chicken and some heat, Peterboro is the spot to visit. While there are vegetarian options available, customers can also get shrimp fried rice, beef and broccoli and more. Oh and don’t forget the sake….or the sherry. You can’t forget the sherry either!

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Wasabi Korean and Japanese
Warm up in this cute and cozy spot called Wasabi Korean and Japanese with Yookkejang Soup which contains shredded beef and mixed vegetables in spicy beef broth. What might be even more comforting than soup however, is a deep fried Sunday Morning Roll which includes raw salmon and cream cheese deep fried with yum yum sauce on top. It may not get any better than noodles, but if you’re not in a noodle and broth kind of mood, the sushi options are endless.

What the Pho
What the Pho is your local neighborhood joint which offers a match made in heaven, Pho. Often called the National Dish of Vietnam, pho broth is cooked for 12 hours so that all the fresh herbs and ingredients will melt together and be merry. Pho uses traditional herbs, fresh vegetables and skinless chicken breasts to develop savory broths. So pull up a chair and grab a big bowl of warm hearty broth and fresh noodles.