These Local Podcasts are a Hoot

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 29, 2018
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The emergence of podcasts over the last few years cannot be understated. More and more people are not only listening to podcasts, but creating exciting ones seemingly every day. Metro Detroit is no exception as there are plenty of shows that highlight the city in exciting ways and will entertain you on the car ride home. Here are four great Metro Detroit podcasts with a bit of a comedy flare to lighten up your day.

The D Brief

Featuring local comedian Mike Greeter and radio broadcaster Seth Resler, the duo’s new podcast, cleverly titled “The D Brief,” covers metro Detroit music, comedy, theater, museums, and everything in between. The podcast’s previous episodes have covered the Meridian Winter Blast, the Plymouth Ice Festival, and the hosts have talked to many of the area’s most influential talents.

We spoke to Seth Resler about “The D Brief” and he described it as a radio morning show with a hyper local appeal. “We do one live in-studio interview every week, then try to record a couple interviews during the week, with the broad cross section of what’s the interesting things happening that week. The real common theme of all the episodes is the renaissance of the city, and we want to highlight that.” Be sure to find ways to subscribe on their website or Facebook page.

The Detroit History Podcast

Hosted by University of Michigan-Dearborn professor Tim Kiska, “The Detroit History Podcast” guides the audience through the city’s rich cultural heritage with unique topics every episode. Only four episodes old, the podcast has already explored the Beatles’ performances at Olympia Stadium in the 1960s, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s rise in the 1920s, and the popularity of television horror movie hosts in Detroit. The bi-monthly podcast is an entertaining and enlightening listen about some of the most unique moments in Detroit’s rich history.

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Creativity Wasted

Hosted by Metro Detroit comedy writer Tom Walma, “Creativity Wasted” brings together local comedians each week to come up with fun and interesting ideas about everything and anything. And then do nothing with those ideas. From new apps, to fun pranks and inventions, these guys talk about what cool ideas they would love to see. They are all talk, and since this is a podcast, that’s a very good thing.

The Detroit Cast with Mike & Jay

After hosting one of the most successful radio morning talk shows in Detroit, Mike and Jay have returned to the Detroit talk show landscape in the form of their very funny “Detroit Cast with Mike & Jay.” Covering everything from current news, politics, sports, music, and everything in between, the two hosts put their signature comedic flare on the latest news. They upload episodes almost every weekday on every major platform.