This is where to get your cold brew fix

By: Briana Dixon | July 14, 2022

A refreshing cup of cold brew is the perfect pick-me-up for those long, hot summer days. For unique iced coffee that goes the extra mile for the tastiest experience, check out these Metro Detroit coffee shops…

Lucky Detroit

Lucky Detroit is a coffee run worth making. This second-story, 19th-century-style cafe looks like something right out of an old classical movie. Located in Corktown, one of Detroit’s oldest neighborhoods, customers here are welcomed by a vibrant mural on the outside of the building, followed by the beautiful vintage interior. The menu features various drinks, including nitro cold brew, with the option of adding simple syrup or vanilla bourbon. There’s also traditional coffee, mocha, lattes, Americano, hot chocolate and espresso that can be enjoyed at the Detroit or Grosse Pointe Park location. For more information, follow Lucky Detroit on Instagram @luckydetroit and on Facebook @luckydetroitcoffee and @luckydetroitcoffeegrossepointepark


Roasting Plant Coffee

Roasting Plant Coffee prides itself on using only the freshest coffee beans to produce the freshest cup of coffee every time. The team here expresses their unwavering commitment to serving their community the best coffee by securing only the finest beans from the most premier coffee estates around the world. With the help of their invention, the Javabot, they expand the creative boundaries of each coffee bean to achieve optimal quality and taste. The Javabot simply uses technology to make the coffee taste better and also has the ability to blend up to four different beans. The Just-Roasted iced coffees are perfect for this toasty weather, and with locations throughout Detroit, NYC, Denver, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and London, coffee lovers all over the world can get in on the action. To learn more, follow Roasting Plant Coffee on Instagram and Facebook @roastingplant. 

Black Diesel Coffee

For coffee and loose leaf teas directly from Southeast Asia, Black Diesel Coffee is the place to be. With delicious hot and cold brew coffee on a nitro tap, food options for breakfast, lunch and dessert, plus friendly service, this coffee shop will not disappoint. Especially considering how much customers love the nitro cold brew served here, that’s been around since the very beginning. Not to mention, the hours accommodate most student schedules, since Black Diesel Coffee is located not too far from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The cold drink menu here includes seasonal iced drinks such as iced gingerbread latte and iced burnt marshmallow lattes, cold brew bottles, lemonade, and more, and to sweeten the deal, they offer coffee classes and operate a barista school. A place to either indulge the taste buds or learn a new skill, a win-win. For more information, follow Black Diesel Coffee on Instagram and Facebook @blackdieselcoffee.  

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Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea was born from a love of good food and drinks. The owners, Lisa and Wei, have built a brand of coffeehouses that incorporates cafe cuisine, and a classic and friendly ambiance, from the ground up. Their menu houses unique cold brew flavors, and even goes a step farther with frozen coffee drinks, like the Napali Brew and the Coco Cafe. Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea is located throughout Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Canton, Clinton Township, Grand Rapids, Novi, and Shelby Township. To learn more, follow Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea on Instagram @sweetwaterscoffeeandtea and on Facebook @swcoffeetea. 

Morning Glory Coffee and Pastries

Morning Glory Coffee and Pastries is like a one-stop shop for your cafe or bakery needs. The menu here features a variety of food and drink options. This, of course, includes iced coffee, iced lattes, organic nitro cold brew, iced teas, and more. The nitro cold brew tap is definitely a hot menu item, providing more caffeine, paired with a smooth, bold, and sweet taste. And for those looking to grab a bite, there are several baked options, soups, salads, sandwiches, and cakes. They even make wedding and other special occasion cakes and can be found in Grosse Pointe Farms. For more information, and to see their beautiful cake creations, follow Morning Glory Coffee and Pastries on Instagram and Facebook @morningglorygrossepointe.