Thought You Knew Most Michigan Products? Think Again

By: Karen Dybis | January 1, 2018
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Outside of being the car capital of the world, Michigan is a very unique state. We are shaped like a mitten for goodness sakes, what other state can say that? Michigan has a lot of “firsts”. For example the Kellogg’s brothers created and introduced dry cereal to the world, also Michigan made. Plus we are the home of Better Made Chips, Vernors (the first soda to be made in the United States) and the Michigan Ice Wine. But just as we recognize well-known products it’s just as important to discuss products that we may not have heard before.  

Mirror Lake Organics
Made on a family farm in Imlay Michigan with 100% organic ingredients, Mirror Lake Organics uses the highest quality. Organic plant oils, organic butters, organic beeswax and only pure organic essential oils. Almost like vegetables for your skin and hair all of Mirror Lake Organic body care ingredients are edible

Michigan Ice Wine
Even though Ice wine is not exclusive to Michigan, we are the first to produce this unique blend as we have some of the best weather conditions to produce it. The weather for an ice wine needs to be quite frigid and though it makes wine-making high-risk, it also provides high-reward.  2015 Tundra Ice Wine is produced at the Verterra Winery located in Leland, MI. The wine is fermented slowly and is a perfect pairing for cheese and chocolates.

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Motor City Creations
What Michigander doesn’t love Faygo pop?! Well now you can get your favorite flavor in candle form. And the candles are officially licensed though Faygo Beverages. But Motor City Creations has more than just candles. They also sell custom name tags, doormats, art and more.

Dave’s Sweet Tooth
This father and son duo (Dave Chmielewski and Andrew Chmielewski) make some of best toffee in Michigan. As they are making homemade and handmade toffee from scratch, all of it is made with “real butter, real sugar, real milk chocolate, and hand sliced almonds prepared with love, one batch at a time, every time”.

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