Top 10 Cares: Support Detroit Restaurants While Feeding Healthcare Workers

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 15, 2020
Top 10 Cares Helping Frontline Workers and Detroit Restaurants

Photo Courtesy of the Detroit Free Press.

We love highlighting the diverse restaurant scene in Metro Detroit, but in these unprecedented and troubling times, these restaurants need our help more than ever.

The Detroit Free Press and your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers are teaming up to raise $100,000 to feed 5,000 Healthcare Heroes over the next four weeks through the Top 10 Cares program

Normally at this time we like to spotlight the best new restaurants in Metro Detroit through our Top 10 Takeover dinners, but the partnership is shifting gears to help local restaurants and healthcare workers.

Top 10 Cares will be supporting 10 previous winners of the Detroit Free Press/Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Top 10 Best New Restaurants including Grey Ghost, Ima, Mink, Marrow, Folk, SheWolf, Pernoi, Leila, Yum Village, and Saffron De Twah. These 10 restaurants will feed 1,250 Healthcare Heroes a week with healthy, nutritious meals that are locally sourced.

These meals will be handed out at participating Detroit area hospitals including Beaumont, Henry Ford Health Systems, Providence/Ascension and DMC over the next few weeks. They are healthier and more nourishing than many take-out meals, with distributors like Motor City Seafood lending a huge hand. It’s the perfect example of Detroiters helping Detroiters.

Each meal will cost $20 and restaurants will use this money to cover food costs, labor, individual containers, delivery and to fill the losses they are suffering by not having patrons in their restaurants. Many local restaurants are struggling as more than 72,000 restaurant workers have already lost their jobs. According to Detroit Free Press restaurant critic Mark Kurlyandchik, it is possible that one in three Detroit restaurants will not be able to recover from this.

The goal of the Top 10 Cares program is to help these restaurants weather this unprecedented storm. Money raised through this event will provide restaurants with the help they need and feed those on the frontlines of this pandemic. 

Our goal is to give 1,250 meals a week to each participating hospital, and for that to happen we need to raise $25,000 each week. If we exceed that goal, more restaurants and hospitals will be added.

You can donate and learn how everyone benefits from your donation by visiting By donating and spreading the information to your social media networks, we know we can make a big difference in keeping Detroit’s diverse food scene alive.