Top 10 Takeover: Mabel Gray

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 2, 2016
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Detroit Free Press and Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers have teamed up for the Top 10 Takeover, a series of restaurant takeovers that will highlight the ten best new restaurants in Detroit and the surrounding area. Last week we looked at Central Kitchen + Bar. Next, the Takeover heads to Hazel Park to check out Mabel Gray on June 13.

Mussels with hot Pepper Jelly, Coconut milk sauce.

Mussels with hot pepper jelly, coconut milk sauce.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Mabel Gray Takeover is that head chef James Rigato decides each day’s menu that very same day, which means June 13’s menu will remain a mystery until then. Rigato’s philosophy behind this approach to Mabel Gray’s menu comes from his desire to prepare meals using only fresh food he has acquired from local farmers, butchers and foragers. Even the day’s menu is handwritten by Rigato himself.

Ticket holders will be getting their money’s worth in the form of eight courses prepared by Rigato and his team in the kitchen. In addition to Rigato, Detroit Free Press restaurant critic Mark Kurlyandchik will be on hand to talk about Detroit’s restaurant scene, food and the like.

The octopus a la plancha, with spicy romesco, saffron aioli, black garlic, sorrel and radish.

The octopus a la plancha, with spicy romesco, saffron aioli, black garlic, sorrel and radish.

Unfortunately, tickets to the Mabel Gray Takeover are sold out, but you can enter for a chance to win two tickets here. The deadline for entry in the ticket drawing is June 8. Ticket winners will be seated at the bar.

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