Donate Your Scraps to Local Organization at DIY Street Fair

By: Scott Davis | September 12, 2016

The DIY Street Fair will be taking place in downtown Ferndale this weekend, and along with all of the art, food, and music you and your family can enjoy, you can also donate to Art & Scraps, a local charity organization.

You can toss any of your scraps (such as Pringles cans, 35 mm film containers, yarn, wine corks, etc.) in the truck bed of one of our Chevy Colorados on display at the fair. A list of more specific items you can donate can be found HERE, and donations will be accepted all weekend at the DIY Street Fair.

The Detroit based program recycles 28 tons of material annually and teaches over 275,000 children how to think, create, and learn with that material. For information on this and other events Arts & Scraps participates in, be sure to check out their Twitter and Facebook pages, along with their website.

Arts & Scraps Donation Item List


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