Treat Your Tastebuds to a Warm Hot Chocolate This Fall

By: Karen Dybis | November 2, 2020
Hot Chocolate

Photo Courtesy of Dessert Oasis.

It is easy to take a drink such as hot chocolate for granted – after all, there are instant versions and packets of chocolate-colored powder you could use to try to make a cup that replicates what you’d find out and about.

But when you try the hot chocolate from Dessert Oasis in Capital Park, you will understand why some drinks should be left to the experts to prepare. Every ingredient is honored and thought through for this very decadent cup of coco. 

Dessert Oasis is just steps away from other local parks and great shopping options, so when you’re going for fall walks or doing some holiday gift-giving, it is a great location to stop by for a steaming hot to-go cup of hot chocolate. 

Manager Anthony Frank said he is a huge fan of hot chocolate in general – but he truly enjoys the process of both making it and drinking it at Dessert Oasis

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“It is the quality of chocolate – it is pivotal and that extra kick that ties it together,” Frank said. 

So what one thing makes it special? Well, take the milk for example. First, it comes from a local source: The Calder Dairy. Maybe it is because the milk comes in old-fashioned glass bottles. Maybe because it is so creamy and rich. Whatever that factor is, Frank said, Calder milk has it. 

It also has to be frothed, Frank and his co-workers agree. When you add that air into the milk, “it takes (hot chocolate) to a whole new level,” Frank said. 

There is nothing typical or even simple about Dessert Oasis Hot Chocolate Recipe. It starts with a chocolate ganache, which includes white chocolate and dark chocolate in equal parts with a bit of hot water. Then, there is a decadent vanilla syrup, made with brown sugar, white sugar and vanilla extract – although vanilla bean paste makes it even more luscious. 

To work the hot-chocolate magic that is Dessert Oasis, mix the chocolate ganache with the vanilla syrup and whole milk. If you want to truly Treat Yo’ Self, grab your nearby milk frother (because if you truly love hot chocolate, you’re likely to be extra and have one) and froth the milk. Warm and silky, this is a hot chocolate even the most sensitive sweets lover will enjoy. 

Here are a few other Metro Detroit bars and restaurants that are focusing on hot chocolate on their menu this fall and into winter.

La Strada Italian Kitchen + Bar

Owner Zharko Palushaj describes La Strada as an authentic European-style café and has an entire espresso and coffee bar. This spot is truly like stepping into an Italian restaurant. It’s also known for its famous Italian hot chocolate. Its ingredients include Italian cocoa, Gianduja Chocolate, organic milk and the option to be topped with Chantilly cream.

Rosie O’Grady’s

The atmosphere at this great local pub is enough to make you feel warm and welcome. But add its signature Caramel Hot Chocolate, and you likely will want to stay longer. This alcoholic drink includes caramel vodka and hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and caramel.


Not all hot chocolate has to be in liquid form. This beloved Eastern Market shop in Detroit has a great mix that hot-chocolate lovers need to try. It includes milk-chocolate almonds, marshmallow truffles, peanuts, cinnamon graham chortles, white chocolate chunks and roasted salted pecans, all in one tasty container.  

Mongers Provisions

This Detroit store specializes in chocolate, so you know its offerings are going to have something special to add. Try the drinking chocolate at Mongers Provisions that comes from Rozsavolgyi in Budapest, Hungary. Follow the instructions to make an incredibly thick and rich beverage or you can add more milk to yield more portions at a regular hot chocolate consistency.