Cozy Up With A Mug Of Hot Chocolate

November 24, 2023
Homemade hot chocolate with mini marshmallow in a blue enamel mug on a light slate background.Rustic style.

There is something universally comforting about a steaming mug of hot chocolate. As the weather turns chilly and the days grow shorter, this rich, velvety drink becomes a warm embrace and often a reminder of childhood. Hot chocolate is popular all around, and these Metro Detroit spots have some of the best.


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters is an award-winning craft coffee roaster and dessert-focused bakery with 4 locations across Metro Detroit. DOCR President and Directory of Coffee Nathan Hamood says, “We take our hot chocolate seriously! No water and powder here – instead we melt down real Ghirardelli chocolate, as a Midwest distributor for Ghirardelli, with skillfully steamed and textured local dairy – all crafted by our highly trained coffee professionals. The way we believe hot chocolate should be!” Pick up a delicious hot chocolate and grab a pastry too, as the cheesecake selection is next level!

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festive mug and plate with hot chocolate and sprinkles with ornaments in the background
Photo courtesy of Ben Lew, Immersion Culture


25107 Jefferson Avenue, St. Clair Shores

Previously only available at farmers’ markets around the area, New Order Coffee Roasters has opened up a storefront in St. Clair Shores! Along with an extensive coffee menu, you can pick up bakery selections, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and of course, hot chocolate. New Order Coffee Roasters makes its hot chocolate with all-natural cocoa powder made from Ghana cocoa beans. If you’d like to enhance it, you can add flavor shots from options like caramel, berry hibiscus, spicy chili, cinnamon plum, cookie butter, and more for an additional cost. 


2771 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

Housed inside the Wayne State University School of Business Building, you’ll find Fourteen East. This cozy establishment offers gourmet coffee, light lunch fare, art, and soft music to enjoy. When stopping in for pastries, quiche, or a sandwich with soup, make sure to grab a gourmet hot chocolate before you go. This beverage is made with a rich hot chocolate sauce made by Hollander Chocolate, with your choice of milk or milk alternative, before being steamed to perfection. 


20737 Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Woods

The Chocolate Bar Cafe is a Grosse Pointe staple for good reason, as it has an old-fashioned soda fountain, superfine chocolates and candies, fresh-baked cakes and pastries, and of course, hot chocolate. At the coffee bar, you can order four different kinds of hot chocolate. There is the classic version, but there are also white chocolate caramel, hazelnut, and peppermint hot chocolate varieties as well. 


22965 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale

If you haven’t visited Meillie Coffee yet, you’ve been missing out on this hotspot. Not only will you find delicious beverages, but you’ll be transported with worldly flavors and a cozy environment. “Founder Jocelyn Chen brings her passion for diverse cultures and her travels across five continents to Meillie Coffee. Her vision is to make global flavors and experiences accessible and to create a space where we celebrate the richness of world culture, and the beauty of shared experiences. Meillie Coffee offers a menu that’s as eclectic as its founder’s background, featuring signature drinks like Viennese Einspänner, Vietnamese Coffee, Moroccan Coffee, Hong Kong ‘Love Bird’, Brazilian Style Latte, and Kyoto Cold Brew.

For those who prefer classic favorites, Meillie also offers a wide range of options, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, flat white, and more…Meillie Coffee is a place where global traditions, sustainability, and shared experiences converge. The aim is to create a welcoming space where every customer can embark on a flavor-packed journey while making a positive impact on the world,” shares David Benjamin, Media Contact for Meillie. Along with the impressive coffee menu, you’ll find hot chocolate among the classics. Meillie’s version is freshly made and topped with Chantilly cream and is oh-so-yummy.

meillie store sign
Photo courtesy of Meillie


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

You may know Browndog Barlor & Restaurant for its amazing ice cream with Michigan ingredients, but that’s not all it has to offer. At its Northville location, the Barlor for drinks (think of a bar and ice cream parlor combined) is where you’ll want to be for hot chocolate variations. Off of the hot tails menu, these boozy beverages take hot chocolate to another level. Among the hot cocoa-based drinks, you’ll find Chocolate Stumbles, with Rumchata and chocolate vodka, Lady Godiva made with chocolate vodka and raspberry liqueur, Freshly Minted with vanilla vodka and creme de menthe, and Cocoa Em Gee, which has hazelnut and banana liqueurs. 

This article has been updated to include new information. The original article was published on November 2, 2020 and was authored by Karen Dybis.