Trick-or-Treat! Give Me Something Michigan-Made that’s Sweet to Eat!

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 31, 2016
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Today is the day! Halloween has arrived and while the kids will go galavanting through the streets, pillow sacks in hand, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight some sweet treats made right here in The Great Lake State.

Better Made

A sweet original: red licorice from Better Made can be purchased on Better Made’s website as a two-pack. Better known for its potato chips, Better Made also makes chocolate covered chips — a great sweet ‘n’ salty snack.

Cherry Republic

With locations all across Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Cherry Republic specializes in one thing: Michigan cherries. But, it’s what they do with the cherries, making entirely new treats to enjoy from the same, simple, Michigan-grown ingredient, that makes Cherry Republic your one-stop-shop for all things Michigan cherries. Check out their special Halloween treats section on their website with things like cherry licorice, sour cherry balls, sour cherry patches, cherry twin gummies and more.

Gilbert Chocolate

Based in Jackson, Gilbert Chocolate makes, well, chocolate, and lots of it. But, these aren’t just any old chocolates. Gilbert specializes in making gourmet, flavor-rich chocolate in tons of different varieties, such as chocolate peanut butter cups, assorted chocolate-covered nuts, assorted cream chocolates and more. If you want Gilbert Chocolate delivered right to your metro Detroit doorstep, consider signing up for the “Chocolate of the Month Club.”

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Hanover’s Michigan Mints

Contrary to the title, Hanover’s Michigan Mints makes more than just delicious, minty treats. Yes, you can find your fix of chocolate covered mint, whether you prefer milk, dark or white chocolate, but Michigan Mints also makes great cherry chocolates in either dark or milk chocolate varieties. Check out this list of metro Detroit stores that carry Hanover’s Michigan Mints, such as Your Michigan Connection in Northville and City Bird and Nest in Detroit.

Mindo Chocolate Makers

With a very interesting origin story, Mindo Chocolate Makers in Dexter, actually started in Ecuador when Jose Meza and Barbara Wilson quit working at the auto repair shop they owned to spend time in Jose’s home country of Ecuador. After opening an internet cafe there and selling what would become very popular homemade brownies, the duo needed a way to accommodate all of the cacao required to keep up with business. It’s a fascinating story that led to some genuinely delicious chocolate bars made right here in Michigan.

MEL’s Toffee

Hailing from Rochester Hills, MEL’s Toffee, which stands for Michelle, Erin and Lauren, is a mother-daughter trio that makes handcrafted gourmet toffee for all types of treats, gifts and events. With some truly unique flavors, like CEO Stout, which combines Right Brain Brewery’s CEO Stout with MEL’s Toffee, you can always count on MEL to surprise you with a new treat that will have your taste buds screaming for more.