Up, Up & Away: See Michigan from 1,500 Feet

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | July 5, 2017
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There’s something about flying that takes your breath away…maybe it’s the high altitude. Seeing picturesque views from above can make for a memorable experience. There are other ways to experience the views from above, however, like free-falling from a plane. So if you want to experience flight in a peaceful hot air balloon, in a plane or helicopter, or be a daredevil and skydive your way through it, we have four ways you can experience the beauty of Michigan from above.

Hot Air Balloons

Michigan is beautiful from ground level, but imagine the sights you can see from a few thousand feet up in the air. You don’t have to imagine anymore as FlyBalloons in Pontiac will take you up to experience Michigan from high above. Check out the photo gallery to get a preview of the sights you’d be seeing.


If riding in a hot air balloon isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush for you, skydiving is more your speed. Capital City Skydiving in Fowlerville will give you the thrill of a 120 mph freefall from two miles high in the sky. If you’re up for the most thrilling 60 seconds of your life, check out some of the videos from first-time divers on their site.

Plane Rides

There’s a major difference between flying in a commercial airplane versus a private plane. The ride offers a more intimate feel that offers more opportunity to see the passing views below. DCT Aviation not only offers chartered flights, but you can also take flight training lessons either in the air or in one of their state-of-the-art simulators.

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Helicopter Rides

Chances are not many people can say they’ve flown in a helicopter. If you want to see the beauty of Detroit from above, you need to check out Maxflight Helicopter Rides. Offering both romantic rides and sightseeing tours, Maxflight will be sure to give you the experience you’re looking for while also offering a view of the city that will blow you away.