Vegan Bakeries Blend Rich Ingredients With Decadent Flavors

By: Aaron B. Cohen | November 29, 2021
Vegan Chocolate Treats

Pretty much everyone has a sweet tooth, but finding something sweet to satisfy that longing for chocolate, caramel or sprinkles can seem difficult if you’re newly following a vegan path. However, Metro Detroit has a growing number of bakeries, restaurants and coffeehouses that are preparing vegan chocolate treats so everyone can enjoy that diet-friendly sweetness any time of day or for any special event. 

The good news is that Metro Detroit, like much of the nation, now has vegan bakeries so the days of having to stop and shop at non-vegan eateries is a thing of the past. These vegan-focused businesses along with those bakeries that are traditional but make an effort to have vegan options on their menus offer more than one or two options. In the case of a vegan bakery, everything inside from the sugary cupcakes to divine pastries to the chocolaty frozen treats are ready for vegans to enjoy. 

It is advised that you talk to the baker when you can or do your own research to ensure that the food you’re buying or eating meets your standards not only in terms of ingredients you prefer but also matches what you’re looking for in taste. Some people say that the vegan options they have tried for desserts are just as good or better than their traditional counterparts – but that is up to the individual taster to decide.

When it comes to vegan chocolate, you’ll want to try an array of bakeries and restaurant options to find one you truly love. Here are five Metro Detroit spots that are fully vegan or have a large offering for vegans on their menus where you may find love at first bite.

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SugarBuzz Bakery

Ferndale’s favorite vegan bakery says it carries “vegan desserts designed to trick the biggest skeptics.” In other words, even your mom likely won’t be able to tell the difference between what she may make and the vegan-centric chocolate desserts at SugarBuzz Bakery. One of the most talked about treats here is the Chocolate Death Ray cake, its mini Oreo cheesecakes and its Michigander Bar. The bar, which is akin to a Twix with a cherry-ish flavor, has a brown-sugar shortbread at the base, a caramel in the middle and a cherry-chocolate ganache on top. 

Bon Bon Bon

Its reputation is well deserved, and Bon Bon Bon has created some of Metro Detroit’s favorite little decadent boxes of flavor. With its locations in Detroit and Hamtramck, it is easy to find a taste you’ll love. If you’re vegan, you’ll want to check out its Summer collection, which is a 12-piece vegan-friendly box of chocolates perfect for giving as gifts or enjoying entirely on your own. Its flavors range from creamsicle to salt and vinegar so be prepared to try a bit of sweet-and-salty surprise. 

Cold Truth

Vegans were always part of the planning and food fun at Cold Truth. Its vegan and dairy soft serve comes in some memorable flavors and has lots of topping possibilities. There’s chocolate drizzle, dark chocolate shavings and more to enjoy. Its flavors change weekly for the most part, so you can come back often to try something as fun as Frozen Cocoa to Roasted Banana. 

For the Love of Sugar

If you want a crunch along with your chocolatey goodness, then head out to this bakery. Its vegan macarons are baked to perfection and offer a wide variety of tastes to consider. Its flavors also change regularly, so make sure to call ahead or go online to see what they are prepping for its next batch. They also have vegan cakes to try for a chocolate buzz.

Inn Season Kitchen

Royal Oak’s most venerable vegetarian and vegan restaurant always has some desserts on its menu for those who want to end the meal with something sweet. One favorite is the Opera Cake, which features layers of hazelnut cake, mocha creme, raspberry, chocolate cake, vegan chocolate mousse and coconut-almond frosting. It also can be garnished with raspberry sauce and hot fudge.