Vegan Friendly Spots That Will Satisfy Any Craving

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 15, 2018
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There are many great vegan restaurants in metro Detroit, but what if you’re in the mood for something specific? Maybe you’re craving a slice of pizza or good burger, or a good brunch spot to hit up on the weekend. Whatever your craving may be, here are five vegan friendly places to check out in the D.

Pizza: Pepe Z at El Club

El Club is one of the area’s best concert venues, and if you’re looking for a place to grab a slice of pizza before a show, the venue is also home to a great pizza kitchen, Pepe Z. All of their pizzas can be made vegan, but they also offer special vegan pizzas such as Glenda with shiitake and oyster mushrooms, The Julian with homemade tahini dressing, and You Butternut with butternut squash puree. Be sure to check out their full menu to see all of their pizza options.

Burger: Ale Mary’s

The downtown Royal Oak bar and grill has only been on the scene for a couple years, but it has certainly made an impact in the metro Detroit food scene. Their vegan menu includes a wide range of entrees, salads, cocktails, and of course, burgers. Their two vegan burgers, Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, will hit the spot and pack a lot of flavor.

Indian Street Food: Neehee’s

NeeHee’s is a vegetarian Indian Street Food shop in Canton and Troy with plenty of vegan options to choose from. Their menu includes Bhel Puri, street meals, sandwiches, and roadside burgers ranging in all sorts of flavors and tastes. Note: everything on this menu is vegan optional, so be sure to ask to be made vegan before placing your order.

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Sandwich: PJ’s Lager House

PJ’s Lager House has everything you need to make for a great night: rocking music, up and coming talent, and a wide ranging menu. There’s something for everyone on their menu, including vegetarians and vegans. Their J-Rae’s Vegan Po-Boy features grilled tempeh patties, grilled onions, mushrooms, veganise based remoulade sauce served on a toasted bolilo bun. Other vegetarian options include their veggie burger, tempeh reuben, and a tofu banh MI sandwich.

Brunch: Brooklyn Street Local

Brooklyn Street Local uses locally grown ingredients to create a delicious menu that keeps metro Detroiters coming back for more. Their brunch menu, available only on the weekends, has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. From banana walnut pancakes, to breakfast hash, and kale salad, their brunch menu will satisfy any vegan eater. They also have an extensive breakfast and lunch menu with great vegan options.