Visit these 5 Mixology Classes in the D

By: Karen Dybis | February 4, 2019
Female bartender serving a fresh delicious yellow cocktail and pouring a spice into it on the bar counter

Many of us have an aspiring mixologist hidden deep down in ourselves somewhere.  We may even be the go to mixologist in our family or group of friends at parties. Knowing the craft and the chemistry of making the perfect drink is a great place to start, but there is always room for growth. Why not blow your friends away with some specially learned skills and techniques?!  You can add a history lesson as you add a splash of rum to any cocktail. Try 1 or all 5 of these Mixology classes in the D. Cheers!

Tammy’s Tastings
Tammy’s Tastings cocktail classes are unique as she offers over 50 cocktail classes to try. Some of her classes include cool names and themes such as Winter Warmers, Tale of 3 Whisk(e)ys and Along the Bourbon Trail. Students can expect to be hands on in technique while making the cocktails. Tammy also teaches the history of each drink made, all while sampling all drinks  made in class. Each class is approximately 90-120 minutes.

Classic Cocktails Part 1
Here you will learn to serve up vintage cocktails with a twist. Students will learn how to shake up some of the classic cocktails from Martinis to Manhattans. There will be a total of 3 cocktails created by the end of the class. Everyone will leave knowing the history and true techniques of classic cocktails making.

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Advanced Mixology, The Spirited World of  Amaro
Prior to taking this course it is suggested you attend Fundamentals of Mixology. In this class you will develop an understanding on how to play with one of the most popular drink mixes, Amaro.  Amaro is a bitter but sweet liquor. You will taste 10 different Amaro cocktails and discuss what notes you taste as you mix them up.

Detroit Mixology 101: Rum
These mixology classes always sell out. As seen on Fox 2 and WDIV Detroit news stations, this is a very popular mixology class. This 101 introductory course will have you start at beginner  and turn you into a pro by the end of the class. Everyone gets a certificate by the end of the class.

Advanced Mixology Institute
This is for potential mixologists that want to become certified professionals. Here at Advanced Mixology Institute, class is always in session. After students try their hands at mixology class, they leave with book knowledge paired with a certificate. Students can show off  their learned skills at a bar or local events.