Discover a New You: 5 Wellness Centers in the D

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 19, 2018
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With the constant demands of your daily life, it can be hard to find time for yourself. Time to think, time to reflect, time to focus on your wellness — all of these things are important to living a healthy life. For some, asking for help can make their hair stand on end, so going to a wellness center or specialist can make that person feel the same way. But, it’s important to remember that there is nothing wrong with seeking help, especially when your wellness is at stake. From a simple massage to a therapeutic experience, these places in Metro Detroit are here to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Meta Physica Wellness Center

What was once located in small studio in Midtown has now moved to new digs in Corktown thanks, in part, to the funding received from being the 2016 Hatch Detroit winner. Now, Meta Physica Wellness Center offers several styles of massage, Sunlighten full-spectrum, infrared saunas, community acupuncture, an herbal apothecary, community workshops and more.


By placing mothers and mothers-to-be at the center of their business, Honey in Ferndale has created a space that caters to the needs of motherhood. If you need help preparing for pregnancy, being a parent or juggling those responsibilities with the rest of your life, Honey can help. They offer great programs and services, like acupuncture, therapy for emotional wellness, prenatal yoga, a beauty bar, professional development, a co-working space and more.

Aura Aura

Have you ever wanted to know what your aura looks like? Thanks to some incredible camera tech, getting your auric portrait taken is possible. The result is a photo with different colors emanating from the subject in the photo (you!). Depending on the colors present in your portrait, your aura will be indicative of different emotions and energies your body is giving off. Photographer Eileen Lee uses instant photographic film that is no longer produced and a double exposure process to capture a subject’s energy. Pretty cool!

Adventure starts with a vehicle that’s up for anything. Trailblazer combines comfort you want, the versatility you need, and the technology to make every moment count.

Verdurous Me

Located in Wixom, Verdurous Me offers several different therapeutic services for all kinds of ailments. If you’re suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, pain, etc., chances are that the certified staff members at Verdurous Me can help. They offer traditional services, such as life coaching, nutritional education, physical wellness (yoga, pilates, etc.) and more unique services, like sound therapy and biofeedback services.

Motor City Float

The concept of a sensory deprivation tank has been around for decades and you can find that experience at Motor City Float. By placing yourself in an enclosed pool of skin-temperature water, filled with Epsom Salts, you simply float above the water level. That’s it. By simply floating there without distractive sounds or other stimuli, you are forced to do nothing but look inside your own thoughts. Floating is good for many things, including reducing stress, managing pain, improving sleep, increasing creativity, increasing problem-solving ability and deep meditation.