What to do in the D During Your Holiday Break

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 26, 2016
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Whether kids are off from school or adults have time off from work, many have some free time during the holiday season to relax and enjoy a break. Lucky for you, there are some great activities to do in the metro Detroit area to help you enjoy that time off.

Check out Local Planetariums

We all know how cool space is, but instead of seeing it on a television or movie screen, why not see what it actually looks like in a more realistic way. There are a handful of really cool planetariums in the area such as the Vollbrecht Planetarium, Acheson Planetarium, and the University of Michigan – Museum of Natural History.

Visit a Museum

There is a lot of history in the metro Detroit area, and there is no better way of celebrating that history than visiting one of the many museums the area has to offer. You might be aware of the popular Detroit Institute of Arts and the Henry Ford Museum, but there are plenty of other great museums worthy of your time this week.

Get Competitive with Friends

Getting a group of friends together you might not have seen in a long time or want to celebrate your time off with is something everyone should do. One thing you can do when you get together is get in some friendly competition at these bars/establishments.

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Catch a Show at a Local Venue

Who doesn’t love going to a good concert? With so many great venues in the area, there is sure to be a show you’ll be interested in the coming week or so. Be sure to check this list of these five great local venues to a catch a concert.

Visit the Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoo is always a great place to go when you have free time. With their wildly popular Wild Lights happening through December 31 and exhibits like the Polk Penguin Conservation Center, there is no shortage of things to do at the Detroit Zoo.

See a Comedy Show

After the stress of the holiday season, you might need to unwind with some comedy. There are some upcoming comedy shows happening at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle and the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, so be sure to check their schedules.