What’s on the Menu? Choosing the Perfect Meal for your Wedding Reception

By: Karen Dybis | January 17, 2018
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The dress is steamed, the bridesmaids dresses are perfection and the guest list is finalized. But what about the eats? The reception is the highlight of the night next to the nuptials. Not only do your guest want to dance all night but pair that with great food and drinks, and your reception will be a blast.  What’s on the the menu for your wedding reception can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Will you stick to a simple yet classy buffet or are you more attracted to a gourmet seated style? Let us help you decide!

Cocktail Reception
Most weddings are followed by a cocktail reception and then a complete meal. The cocktail reception allows guests to mingle and relax before being guided into the dining room. It also allows the wedding party time to take photos. Hors d’oeuvres stations can be set up to eliminate people jumping at the waiters at the kitchen door. They also provide a natural organic gathering spot and can be used for foods that come in small portions but may require a cute small plate and fork.

Buffet Style
Food stations that enable you to serve eclectic and creative meals without traffic jams are so much more classy. Instead of one or two long lines, various types of food can be had at stations set up around the room: a station each for meats, fruits and cheeses, vegetables and salad combinations. Choosing a buffet meal will shorten your reception length by eliminating downtime between courses. Even though it is still pricey to do a buffet due to multiple options, depending on your dish selections, they still can be less expensive than seated dinners.

Start your research for buffet style here:

Michigan Wedding & Candy Buffet Co.
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Seated Plated
With seated plated style, you are looking at something that is more formal and gourmet. In a plated dinner, the waiters carry food out on and present the plates to your guests. The most elegant way of doing so is to have waiters carry two plates at a time and serve the room, table by table. The main advantage of a plated dinner is that the food arrives the way it was meant to look. Many plated dinners offer a choice of entrée, something the guest indicates on their reply card. Having a detailed seating chart can make the process of serving these meals much less confusing.

Start your research for seated plated here:

Gem Colony Events
2310 Park Ave, Detroit

100 Marquette Dr, Detroit

Elite Catering Company
33606 Seven Mile Rd, Livonia